I Miss You Thiiiiiiiissssss Much!

Just a quick update to let you all know that I will be returning home in a few weeks and I am looking forward to getting back into my blogging again.  I hijacked Vinny’s computer for a few to take a quick picture and put this post up so it is completely raw, straight from SL.


While I’ve enjoyed my time away, and the snow!!!!, omg such snow; I’m also eager to get home and see my fur baby Loh’Ki, I miss my kitty ever so much.


See you all very soon \o/

I Miss You Thiiissss Much!
Skin: Essences – Song – Lumiere
Hair: TRUTH – Lagertha *Mesh* New Release
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Black
Eyeliner: Action – Oil Slick Liner
Facepaint: Pin Me Down – Faded Warpaint #3
Facepaint: Pin me Down – Tiken #6
Jewellery: Eclat – Mystic Face Chain
Horns: Half-Deer – Adventine Horns *Mesh* (Arcade)
Collar: Cheeky – Anna Half Shirt *Mesh*
Outfit: SAKIDE – Modish Jumpsuit and Corset *Mesh*
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Pose: exposeur – Veena Fredishay #2

Until We Meet Again

This may be my last blog post for some time.  On January 20th I fly out of Australia and head to Canada for three months.  While I will have my laptop with me and still be able to log in to various things,the quality of pictures it takes is not all that crash hot.  Not to mention no editing software on it.

Until we meet again 2

Before I go though I just wanted to do a quick look of the day and leave my avvie wearing something, well better than my jeans and tank top, for the next three months lol.  If you’ve had trouble getting into Collabor88 since it opened, I’m not surprised.  There are so many great items this round.  So don’t give up.  Just keep on trying, it will be worth the frustration in the end.

Until we meet again

Farewell blogisphere, until we meet again <3

Skin: Glam Affair – Mokatana *Collabor88 January*
Hair: Clawtooth – Female Trouble (Mesh) *Collabor88 January*
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Evening
Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Eyeliner: Action – Oil Slick Liner
Ears: MANDALA – Taper Ears (Mesh) *New Release*
Collar: Maitreya – Vintage Collar & Pears (Mesh) *Collabor88 January*
Dress: Maitreya – Vintage Lace Gown (Mesh) *Collabor88 January*
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Feet: SLink – AvEnhance Feet Female High (Mesh)
Shoes: The Sugar Garden – Bubbles Heels (Mesh)
Pose: !bang – mini series – overcome #4

Merry Christmas

Well it’s officially Christmas day here in Australia so Merry Christmas world *hugs you all*.  I was going to do just a quick LOTD post and include my present from my Secret SLanta then I decided to throw in a little bit more.  It’s a post with a difference but comes in mighty handy around this time of year with Secret SLantas gifting people they may not know.

Xmas 2

My Secret SLanta did not know me, until she sneakily added me on plurk a few weeks back and I was none the wiser that she was stalking me for information.  Sneaky Sneaky Miss Tribbs! But on the day she went to send me my gift, from the marketplace, she ran into a little bit of a hiccup that was only just realised today.  There is apparently another one of me floating around the SLUniverse, although it’s an empty profile so maybe a dead account. However there is ONE letter different in our names. I DON’T have a U in my first name.  Common mistake that I find a lot of Americans and Europeans make when typing my name.  Possibly just a common spelling for them.  Tribbs had gotten all excited that she found something I wanted and when MP said success and delivered it she thought nothing more.  Until she gave away the surprise of her being my Secret SLanta today and asked if I got my gift.  That’s when she noticed the spelling mistake.


I was going to give up on Secret SLanta after this year as the last two times I have not received a gift.  Third times a charm right!  But now it has dawned on me.  I wonder if those other times those people have gifted this other account?  Lesson of the day folks – double….nay….TRIPLE check that you have the spelling correct on the person you are sending something to.  All in all a big thank you to Tribbs for my cute new antlers.

Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – Horror Edition
Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Gaia (Mesh) *New Release*
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Evening
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Lipstick: Pink Fuel – INK Lipgloss
Antlers: UtopiaH – Dangerous Antlers (Mesh)
Outfit: Beauty Killer – X Ray
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Boots: A & Y Bunker Cybershop – Deuz Boots Metallic (Mesh)
Poses: exposeur – Top Model Simone

Oh Deer

HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT PLUSHIE!!!!! Ok now that I have that out of my system let me introduce you to two new releases for Christmas.  Firstly the adorable little plushie in my arms is from Adore and Abhor and comes in a multitude of colours, including a gender bending Rudolphette with little glowy red nose. These guys make great Christmas presents for any age.

Oh Deer 2

The next new release can be found at this round of Genre in la petite morte’s little booth.  Here’s the awesome best bit – it’s only 10L *gasps* but wait, there’s more – you get a cleavage or a no cleavage version of the skin as well as appliers for Lush mesh breasts, Tango mesh breasts, SLink feet and SLink hands.  ALLLLLL of that for only 10L  how can you not run and grab it, I mean look how adorable that face is.

Oh Deer

Lastly, let me throw out a bit of SLational Roragraphic information here.  “Sometimes a female will have a small stub. The only female deer with antlers are Reindeer which are actually caribou.” Do you know how hard it is to find ‘stubby’ horns in SL?  Proper female doe horns that is.  There are plenty of antlers floating around out there and imp, goat and devil horns but they are all pointy.  So I succumbed to purchasing the least pointy horns I could find and modded the crap out of them.  The horns I am wearing are sunk right down in my head and individually rotated every which way so that I could achieve my small stubby horn look.  Pleeeease, all you makers of antlers, think of us females that don’t feel like gender bending and wearing male antlers next time you make a set.

Skin: la petite morte – Iris Deer Edition *New Release at Genre*
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amandine Mesh Hair
Eyes: Nomine – Stained Contacts – anime green
Horns: Lemon Tea – Eldesia Horns – Wood (Mesh)
Ears: Panda Express – OH DEER! Basic Ears
Bodysuit: The Plastik – Nynaeve
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Feet: Glam Affair – Vanity Feet – Ballerina (Mesh)
Reindeer Plushie: Adore & Abhor – Dat Present Doe (Mesh) *New Release*
Poses: !bang stand 353 & TBC 1d

Ice Queen

The snow-flakes grew larger and larger, till at last they looked just like great white fowls. Suddenly they flew on one side; the large sledge stopped, and the person who drove rose up. It was a lady; her cloak and cap were of snow. She was tall and of slender figure, and of a dazzling whiteness. It was the Snow Queen. ~Hans Christian Anderson, The Snow Queen

Seraphim have this awesome little event called “The Seraphim Social – A Second Life book club and sales event” and if you haven’t guessed already the theme for this round is The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson.  Adore & Abhor have this stunning mesh tiara, and for only $50L at The Seraphim Social.  For anyone that loves tiaras, this is a must have.  As a love of pale skins I have quite a few in my inventory so I was busy putting together my Snow Queen look when I happened to flick over to plurk and notice that la petite morte owner, Voshie Paine, had put up a notice about a new skin released at another event; We <3 RP.  I tried to resist the urge to buy yet another skin but it was perfect for my Snow Queen.  It comes in three different make up styles AND you get all the appliers with it – Loud Mouth, Lola Tango, Lush, SLink hand and SLink feet.  The skin is absolutely stunning!

Ice Queen

I’m also wearing jewelery from, yet another event, Gothmas by Gaslight.  There are so many events starting at the moment it;s so hard to keep track of them all. The dainty choker comes in a variety of coloured ribbons and metal and the ring does as well.  I had to do a bit of editing to get the ring to sit right as it’s made for normal avatar hands and not rigged but as you can see it moves well and positions fine.

Skin: la petite morte – Quinn Winter Edition *We <3 RP*
Hair: Chemistry Hair – Sirena (Mesh)
Eyes: Gauze – Deity Eyes – Appolo
Eyelashes: BeetleBones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (SLEB tintable)
Tiara: Adore & Abhor – Snow Queen Ice Crystal Tiara (Mesh) *Seraphim Social Event*
Choker: ISD – Winter’s Night Choker (Mesh) *Gothmas by Gaslight*
Ring: ISD – Winter’s Night Ring (Mesh) *Gothmas by Gaslight*
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Manicure: SongBird – Slink Nails : Splatter
Pose: !bang – Stand 353

New Things, Oh My

Gothmas by Gaslight is coming to SLtown once again and I have to say I am uber excited.  There’s two sims chock full of awesome creations that I just don’t know where to start.  It doesn’t open until 12 noon on December 15th so I can’t give you a SLURL just yet but stay tuned I’ll be posting more reviews later with a SLURL.  I just had to give you a teaser though so in my first pic I have the cutest cameo choker on from la petite morte and awesome ruby red lipstick with black liner from Beautiful Freak.  I love this lipstick so much it’s probably going to be a new favourite/must have on at all times.

New Things, Oh My

Todays post is focusing on the store Ducknipple.  I wanted to show off some of the latest winter jackets for guys and girls but I added a twist and decided to do my guys shot a little bit andro instead.  That’s the good thing about the clothing from Ducknipple, the textures aren’t overly gender biased on the clothing so if you want to ‘drag’ it up – GO FOR IT!  The ladies trenchcoat also comes with spikey studs that you can add on to the sleeves if you want more of a rebellious look but I left them off for today.  It’s a nice length that if you wanted to wear just the jacket for a bit more a sexy look, it still covers all the bits necessary.  I teamed it up with a latest release pair of boots also from Ducknipple.  The hud for these allows you to not only change to a variety of boot colour options but you can have a black rubber sole or wooden.

New Things, Oh My

The guys jacket, I think, looks sexy on a girls frame.  If you can handle not having boobs or much of a waist line then I say be daring and wear it.  There is a hud for the jacket to be able to change the vest, tie and the jacket all individually so there are MANY different colour combinations.  Because it’s made for the guys there isn’t much room to layer pants underneath or have a nice curvy butt, but if you just wear a size smaller it fits under nicely.  Just like the pant/boot combo I have on, which is also a recent release from Ducknipple.
Skin: Essences – Wednesday II
Hair: MINA Hair – Noor (Mesh)  *New Release*
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Evening
Eye Makeup: Pin Me Down – Tili in black
Lipstick: Beautiful Freak – Poisoned Candy *Gothmas by Gaslight*
Choker: la petite morte – Gothic Victorian Choker (Mesh) *Gothmas by Gaslight*
Jacket: Ducknipple – Potlood – Trenchcoat (Mesh)
Stockings: blowpop – Seamed Fishnet Tights
Shoes: Ducknipple – Chipolata Boots (Mesh)
Pose: !bang – stand 354

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Petal Edition – Edward
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Morgan Mesh Hair
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Black
Scar: Adore & Abhor – Payback Time
Jacket & Shirt: Ducknipple – Sjef Coat (Mesh)
Pants: Ducknipple – Sappy Legs (Mesh)
Pose: !bang – stand 336

Never Too Late

Just a simple LOTD type post today.  Vinny and I were playing around in our Doll COCO Avvies.

Never Too Late
On Her -
Hair: Ploom – Heart (Mesh)
Head: *COCO* – Doll_Head_002A (Mesh)
Body: *COCO* – Doll_Body (Mesh)
Dress: *COCO* – Doll_HalterCorsetDress (Mesh)
Piercings: *COCO* – Doll_CorsetPiercingLegs (Mesh)

On Him -
Hair: † MONSTER † – ..~Sparrow~.. (HEAVILY Modified)
Head: *COCO* -_Doll_Head_002B(Light) (Mesh)
Body: *COCO* – Doll_Male_Body (Mesh)
Arms & Legs: *COCO* -_Doll_MonsterLimbs_Dark (Mesh)
Kilt: **Box-Set Roquez T.E.D. /BLK
Tail: [Gauze] – Yokai – Tail – Naturals
Horns: [][]Trap[][] – Obsidian Crown
Wings: [Gauze] – Anguls Mortis – Wings
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Ear[Tunnel]

Pose: exposeur – Almost Lover  (modified using Avimote due tot he dolls joints sitting a little different to human avatars)

Listening to:


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