SecondLifeProblems – Berry’s Monday Meme

I just had to do a silly meme for this one. If you want to see more info about Berry’s Monday Meme, head over to her blog, she has a whole page dedicated to challenges and memes that she does.

Berry's Monday Meme - #SecondLifeProblems

Logging in. Second Life may appear frozen….go crap yourself!!
……Initializing World……
……Decoding UI Images……
……Installing Quicktime……
……Connecting to Region……
……your clothing is still downloading……
……your friends will see you bald, small, unbaked and half naked……
……and not tell you……

Skin:  Izzie’s – Holly Skin
Hair:  .:EMO-tions:. – * AQUARIA *
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard – Eternity Eyes / Blue
Body:  Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Ring:  Bliensen + MaiTai – Wedding-Night  (mesh)
Outift:  coldLogic – Joplin Outfit  (mesh)  *New Release*
Shoe:  A-BOMB – Jane Shoes
Pose:  Body Manipulated using the Avimote PoseMaker HUD

Fresh New Look

I have decided that since I cannot for the life of me figure out my shadow setting problems in SL at the moment that I am going to give my blog an overhaul, starting with my picture layouts.  I’m going to stick to a nice crisp outfit look and then a close up of the individual items, all laid out nice and neat and clean.  I’m likely going to work on a new blog header and blog layout some time soon as well.  But for now I give you my first fresh new look moving forward from here.  I love that this COQUINE belted shirt comes with 3 different transparency options AND versions for most mesh bodies as well as standard avvies BONUS!

Fresh New Look

Skin:  Izzie’s – Holly Skin
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR – Echo  (mesh)  *New Release*
Hairbase:  TRUTH – Hairbase – Crow
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard – Eternity Eyes – Blue
Eyelashes:  Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Earrings:  [Fetch] – Untamed Earrings  (mesh)
Necklace:  ^^Swallow^^ – Necklace HeartWings  (mesh)  *The Dressing Room*
Body:  Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Piercings:  [whatever] – Nipple Piercing – Vampire  (mesh)  *My Attic*
Top:  [sYs] – COQUINE belted shirt  (mesh)  *My Attic*
Panties:  Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara Lingerie
Pose:  oOo Studio – lean_seven

Bloggers Challenge – Inspiration Recreations, January

This is something that I have been working on since October 2012.  It started out as just a one off here and there and over the past two years I have reproduced 7, well 20 if you break down the last one I did to individual recreations, and I have decided I want to make this a monthly challenge for you all.  The idea is that each month, around mid month, I will post my inspirational photo for the month along with a choice of photos.  You choose one of the photos attached to the inspiration post and you recreate it yourself.

Inspiration Recreation January

I went very basic for this one to show you that it’s not all about technicality and lots of detail.  Sometimes the simplest of photos grab my attention and other times highly detailed, intricate ones.  To have a look back at my previous inspirations see below:

Inspirational 1 | Inspirational 2 | Inspirational 3 | Inspirational 4 | Inspirational 5 | Inspirational 6 (NSFW) | Inspirational 7

So here are your January inspiration choices.  Pick one of the photos below (these are thumbnail images,  click to see original image) and recreate it  however it inspires you.  Feel free to recreate a photo using the opposite sex avatar shown to the model in the photo, use a different colour hair/shoes etc.  However these photos inspire you to create art is what it is all about.


Join the flickr group for the challenge and share your photos.

Leave a link to your blog in the comments below.


SLink Flat foot (left) & High Foot (right) | random sculpty skull found in inventory | Pink Fuel Doll Vamp Skin

Girl Friday

I love Fridays.  Especially Fifty Linden Fridays.

I was going to put a NSFW warning here but I think it might not be worth it since the only photos I took for this post are, well, NSFW.  So I can’t put the tame ones at the beginning and work my down to the raunchy ones.

Oh well.  There is my warning *grins* I started off doing the rounds for Fifty Linden Fridays and spotted this sexy little number at Valentina E.  The lingerie itself is not the stores Fifty Linden Friday item but I just had to show up some skin.  Oh and speaking of skin.  These gorgeous freckle boobs are from La Petite Morte at The Liaison Collaborative.  There a few different make up options to choose from, as well as freckled or non freckled.  I’m really digging the eyebrows too!

Girl Friday 1

If you are a group member of La Petite Morte don’t forget to stop by the main store and grab your Maitreya Body appliers for only L$1!

Girl Friday 2


Skin:  La Petite Morte – Emmy Romance Edition *The Liaison Collaborative*
Hair:  Magika – You (mesh)
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard – Eternity Eyes / Blue
Eyelashes:  Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Necklace:  Wimey – Daenerys Necklace (mesh)  *Fifty Linden Fridays*
Claws:  [CerberusXing] – Ring Claws (mesh)
Body:  Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara v2.1
Lingerie:  Valentina E – Not So Demure Lingerie (mesh)
Shoes: – Betty Janes  (mesh)
Poses: !bang – Stand 353, 350, 352, 357  *Fifty Linden Fridays*  & Knee High Fashion 10 (close up)

Un Deux Trois

I’m not entirely sure where I was going with this post today.  It started off a ‘ listening to the neighbours going at it’ post  and ended up nothing like that at all.

Un Deux Trois 1

I just had to use this new hair from MINA in a post, that was a certainty.  I love love love it. I’m not normally a vintage-y hair kinda girl, but this I love.  You can find it at the Leaf on the Wind fundraiser event.

Un Deux Trois 2

Oh I probably should make a point somewhere in here about how fantastically awesome the owner of Fetch is.  She had shared a WIP shot, on plurk a few days ago, of a vintage phone she was making and I wanted to grab it to put on my bedside table for this post.  But when I asked her which event it was at, she crushed my dreams by telling me it wasn’t made yet and that it would be available at the upcoming round of TLC.  I pouted, of course, but she made me a quick texture and passed me a copy of the phone to use.  HOW AWESOME!  I do know there will be a black version available of the end product though so you will be able to grab your own.

Un Deux Trois 3

Lastly the poses are not part of the bed.  The Cabin Fever bed does come with its own poses but I wanted to use a new set I just acquired from Lalochezia.  These poses were the beginning of my post actually.  The leaning like your up against a wall listening to the neighbours pose – it was what drove me to whip out the bed and set up the scene.  First time a pose has been my inspiration for a blog post, but hey first time for everything.

Un Deux Trois 4

Skin:  alanoctis – Un | Deux | Trois
Hair w/ hat:  MINA Hair – Monique (mesh)  *Leaf On The Wind*
Eyes:  Dead Apples – Sinistre – Blackshot Blue
Eyelashes:  Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Thick Full  (mesh)
Earrings:  The Plastik – FashVoodoo – Swindler Leather  (mesh)
Hands:  SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Manicure:  Zanzibar creationZ – Midnight Kisses Mani/Pedi *My SLink Obsession*
Top:  Pixicat – Key Top  (mesh)
Under Shirt:  G*Field – Lace Tops “Lucy”
Gloves:  L’Emporio – Lace Gloves
Skirt:  coldLogic – Childs Skirt  (mesh)
Stockings:  G*Field – Rose Lace Leggings
Shoes: – River Boots  (mesh)
Poses: Lalochezia – Blank Space Pose Set

Bed:  [Fetch] – Cabin Fever Bed (mesh)  *We <3 RP*
Side Table:  [Fetch] – Cabin Fever Table (mesh)  *We <3 RP*
Wall Lamps:  [Fetch] – Cabin Fever Wall Lamp (mesh)  *We <3 RP*
Phone:  [Fetch] – Rors Phone (mesh)  *Yeps I’m special*
Hanging Frames:  Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – family cameos (mesh)
Stool:  [Fetch] – Sylvia Vanity Stool (mesh)
Vanity:  [Fetch] – Sylvia Vanity Table (mesh)
Curtain:  [Fetch] – Sylvia Curtain (mesh)

My Yearbook Photo

Strawberry Singh has revived the Meme Monday challenges on her blog and the first one of the year, Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge, is too good to pass up.

I was digging through my old school photos to try and find a yearbook shot to copy then remembered I was one of those *coughs*  “I’m too sick to go to school today mum” type of kids.  Particularly on days where I had to do the dreaded school photos.  So I just made my own.

SL Year Book Challenge
Skin:  La Petite Morte – Bonnie
Hair:  Magika – Shimmer (mesh)
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard – Snowfall Eyes Hazel
Eyelashes:  BeetleBones – Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Brown)
Teeth:  Loud Mouth – Parted Teeth  (mesh)
Sweater:  coldLogic – Caron Shirt (mesh)
Flute:  T-3D Creations – Flute Mesh Full Perm
Pose:  GLITTERATI – Closeup #1

Mood Lighting

I have all these wonderful things I want to blog lately and I am still having issues with the ability to see shadows.  I know blogging isn’t all about shadows, but it sure does make a picture so much nicer.  Needless to say my mood on all things blogging is dark.  I will endeavor to find the source of this issue and fix my pictures for the next post, but for today let me show you some pretties that are new and exciting!

Mood Lighting 1

Mood Lighting 2
Skin:  Essences – Song Lumiere
Hair:  Tableau Vivant – Nyoki Hair  (mesh)
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard – Eternity Eyes Blue
Eyelashes:  Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Piercing:  Bokeh – Thick Septum Piercing  (mesh)
Nose Strap:  Cubic Cherry Kre-ations – Rebel Black Camo faceband  (mesh)
Ears:  Mandala – Taper Ears  (mesh)
Collar:  Losthaven! – Halonai Collar (mesh)
Face Tattoo 1:  -=FORSAKEN=- – Ink Spit Lip Stripe
Face Tattoo 2:  Lovely Disarray – Haunted Souls
Chest Tattoo:  Adore & Abhor – Release the Bats!
Top:  Cynful – Aphrodisia – Festival of Sin (Lust)
Corset:  Innoc – Capella Corset  (mesh)
Arm Bracers:  BODY FACTORY – Viking Bracelet  (mesh)
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant  (mesh)
Pants:  coldLogic – Leggings – Knight  (mesh)
Leg Bracer:  Noodles – Bella Thigh Chain  (mesh)
Feet:  SLink – AvEnhance Feet Female High  (mesh)
Shoes:  Remarkable Oblivion – Gearjammer Heels  (mesh)  *FaMESHed January*
Mani / Pedi:  Zanzibar creationZ – Midnight Kisses Mani/Pedi  *My Slink Obsession January*
Pose:  exposeur – Top Model Angelea


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