Bed Hair FTW

There is that unattractive, just woke up, went to bed with wet hair, messy, shaggy bed hair that we all from time to time wake up with.  Then there is the freshly shagged, feeling good, don’t care about my hair look.  MINA’s Roosje, available now at Kustom9, is that second option.  I’m loving all the new colours that she is releasing lately, might be a bit biased since I added suggestions when she asked for them on plurk not too long ago.  But none the less the colour HUDS and this hair – divine!

Bed Hair FTW 1

Ladies if you are in the market for a new skin, you have to run over to Essences and pick up this free gift at the front entrance. Lady Dyvine comes with all your brow colour options and is just super sexy!

Bed Hair FTW

Skin:  Essences – Lady Dyvine *Free gift for Christmas*
Hair:  MINA – Roosje (mesh)  *Kustom9*
Eyes:  Random Matter – Fracture Eyes – Breeze
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Relaxed (mesh)
Feet:  SLink – AvEnhance Feet Female High (mesh)
Ring:  Bliensen + MaiTai – Wedding Night (mesh)
Dress:  Sn@tch – Mesh Erotica Leather Dress *Recent Release*
Shoes:  Ducknipple – Soll Heels (mesh)  *New Release*
Pose:  exposeur – SLuicideGirls 16

Ready to Romp

The new round of ROMP has started and WOW there are some seriously sexy things up for grabs this month.  Quick warning that the last two photos are probably deemed NSFW for some of you.

Ready To Romp

I also want to point out a couple of other events quickly.  This new skin from La Petite Morte can be found at We <3 RP, I just love the thick, bold eyebrows and the shading around the eyes on this skin.

Ready To Romp 2

The sexy dress with the see through chest and ass areas is an exclusive for Horrorfestive from Fisson.  It’s so sultry and slinky and my SLink Physique body fits perfectly under it.

Ready To Romp 1

The line up for ROMP shocked me this round with more names than last time as well as so many choices of quality sexy items – even clothing and accessories for guys!

Ready To Romp 3

The Captive Cage is such a nice piece to have out just for show, even if you don’t want to take advantage of it’s many poses and animations.  It comes in two wood types and there is a low land impact version as well.  The standard one has the tray of candles already attached to the top (as shown in the pic above) and the low land impact one has no tray at all.  You can also purchase just the tray of candles with the paddle on it’s own.  I’m wearing the pearl collar from Ama in all photos and Vin is wearing the collar necklace from ANE.  Both of these are available for ROMP, and are both unisex!

Ready To Romp 4

Lastly, this gorgeous pose is !bang’s ROMP item.  Super sexy, quality positioning without major body distortion and a pose that you can use on just about any flat surface.

Skin:  La Petite Morte – Emmy *We <3 RP, December*
Hair:  Tableau Vivant – Snowdrift (mesh)  *Collabor88, December*
Eyes:  Random Matter – Fracture Eyes – Breeze
Eyelashes:  DAMNED – My Perfect Eyelashes
Eyelids:  SLink – Mesh Lids and Lashes
Body:  SLink – Physique Mesh Body
Hands:  SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands – Gesture
Feet:  SLink – Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged (mesh)
Collar:  Ama. – String of pearls collar (mesh)  *ROMP, December*
Dress:  Fission – Horrorfestive Exclusive (mesh)  *Horrorfestive*
Shoes:  Olive – the Don’t Fall Platform Heels (mesh)
Pose: Standing – exposeur – Makeover Esther
Close Up – exposeur – Makeover Kayla

Skin:  Tableau Vivant – Echo – Mort Vivant
Hair:  little bones – Viking
Eyes:  Random Matter – Fracture Eyes – Autumn
Eye Make up:  The Ugly & Beautiful Designs – + Weeping +
Eye Make up:  DAMNED – Butterfly Effect w/ Shadow + PartedLips
Collar:  ANE – Kinky Collar Necklace (mesh)  *ROMP, December*
Manicure:  Pekka – SLink Avatar Enhancement – [Cross]
Hands:  SLink – Male Hands AvEnhance – Relax (mesh)
Feet:  SLink – Male Flat Feet (mesh)

Cage:  Artisan Fantasy – Captive – Cage (mesh)  *ROMP, December*
Candle Tray:  Artisan Fantasy – Utility Tray (mesh)  *ROMP, December*

For the love all things pale

To start off with this post is going be be NSFW further down, it is a skin review after all.

Mochi Milena, owner and designer of Pink Fuel, has released an update to the Doll skin line.  This time  it’s Vamp flavoured, my favourite.  As an extra little bonus you can find a free gift in store beside the new Vamp Doll.  You will need to be a member of the ~uber update group~ then simply touch the sign to get your free skin add on. It contains the skins with all the different brow colours and each one has the sexy eye scar as you can see in the pic below.    The horns are included in the Doll Vamp skin and the hair I have on will be released at this months The Chapter Four event opening on the 4th.  It’s a a gorgeous flop hawk pulled back into a sort of fish braid finished off at the base of the skull and hanging in a long pony.  The hair comes complete with a shaved base that features the ‘part lines’ close to the hair where it is pulled up.

For the love of all things pale , pic 11


Now on to the fun part – lets look closely at the skin and ALL that comes included in the package (well not ‘all’ inclusive as I don’t use Baby Bump and I have yet to make any mouth appliers look ‘good’ on my shape).

You get quite a range of eyebrow options.  What I love is the ability to tint your eyebrows should you wear a non natural hair colour.  If you aren’t up to speed on how to colour your brows there is a notecard included, but lets face it, no one reads notecards these days.  But bonus point to Mochi for covering all bases and including the step by step how to. There is also the cheats way out by wearing already coloured eyebrow options.  I chose to cheat for today and am wearing the blue, orange and red versions.  The recolourable eyebrows come in three lightnesses depending on how bold you want your colour to stand out and I have worn these uncoloured so you can see the base colour they start off at.  If you are a make up lover there is a range of lip glosses to choose from.  These are not a full lipstick colour, just a gloss so they fade from dark to nothing starting at the centre of the lips.

For the love of all things pale, pic 5

More makeup options included are eyeshadows and button nose, both worn in the shots below.  The button nose is really not that noticeable, I had to put it on and take off quite a few times to notice the difference, so I wasn’t too worried about my labels covering most of the nose here. Play with it yourself, maybe it was windlight setting that made it near impossible to notice.  I love the subtlety of these eyeshadows, nothing too over the top and mixed in with just the right amount of smokey black to make them not too girly.

For the love of all things pale, pic 6

Now the appliers section and this is where we get into the NSFW pictures so if you haven’t loaded the pics below yet and you are not in a place for viewing full frontal nudity then I suggest you save this page for later viewing.

The skin comes with the option of the standard pack of appliers which consists of Baby Bump, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam Mouth, Lola Tango/Puffy Breasts, Lush Breasts, Lena Mesh Body and the Cute/Phat Azz. You can then choose to buy the Mesh Project pack which includes the standard appliers plus the Mesh Project Body appliers; the SLink pack which includes the standard appliers as well as SLink Physique/Hands/Feet + Visage appliers.  Or go for the full pack which includes ALL of the appliers.  I started off the appliers section with the Azz and Breasts combinations.  Also included is a close up of the seam between the mesh Azz and the SL avatar mesh. The only one that was truly noticeable to me was the Boi Athletic.  You can’t notice it that much in my photos as I blurred the line but there was a slight seam showing. Otherwise the flow from SL avatar to mesh azz was pretty much perfect.


A quick side by side of the Second Life Avatar, SLink Physique and Lena Mesh Body. One thing that really stands out between them all is the area below the clavicles.  On the Second Life body you can see a very distinct colour difference as it leads into the chest, but that disappears once you apply the skin to a mesh body.


As mentioned above the colour difference that shows on the mesh body is quite obvious in these close ups.  I’m not sure if this is due to the new skin tone that Mochi is working on or just the horrible mesh of the Second Life avatar distorting it.  In either case this is something to take into consideration if you plan on wearing a Second Life avatar with strapless or nude top half.  The mesh bodies however, this is not an issues.


In the pack you have a folder of body modification tattoos.  These tattoos are handy if you wish to change your shape to more of a boi look, small chested, curvy, athletic or even ripped.  As well as these layers there is a vagina removal tattoo layer, handy for those that wish to attach male genitalia; and a breast shading removal layer to wear with mesh breasts.


The Lena Mesh body comes with all the options listed above that you would normally wear a tattoo layer for, and they are all included in one simple to use HUD.


You have a choice of Default, Curvy, Athletic or Ripped.  Each with small chest or cleavage option as well as a freckle layer for each.


The SLink body is as above with the layers included all in one simple to use HUD.


You may notice that the Lena Mesh body still has that slight colour variation around the clavicle chest area while the SLink Physique does not.


One last thing to point out before I go.  There is a faint white line visible on the Lena Body close up photos.  This is not a fault in the skin, but a seam in the mesh body itself not lining up completely.

-Main Parts Worn-
Skin:  Pink Fuel – Vamp – Doll V2  *New Release*
Hair:  MINA Hair – Ashton (mesh)  *The Chapter Four*
Eyes:  Dead Apples – Shattered – Marine
Hands:  SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands (Relaxed)
Feet:  SLink – Womens Natural Barefeet (mesh rigged)
Mani/Pedi:  Zanzibar creationZ – Vin Madi/Pedi
Main Pose:  aDORKable Poses – Pencil II 8m
Second Pose: aDORKable Poses – Flux 1

-Other Add-ons-
Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Vorpal Horns (mesh) *New Release*
SLink – Physique Mesh Body
Kitties Lair – Lena Perky Mesh Body
L.Inc – Cute Azz
L.Inc – Phat Azz
Deviant – Lush Breasts
Lolas – Tango Mirage Breasts
Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Scars *New Release, Free Gift*

A Beautiful Freak

This is just a quick one today and I wanted to focus on the manicure that I am wearing.  But of course a post needs more than nails so I put together a LOTD to go with my nails.

Beautiful Freak 1

Why are these nails so important?  Because there is a little girl in Canada that needs to know just how much of a super hero she is.  To read the full story on Maya, the namesake for the manicure you can pick up from Beautiful Freak at Silly 7, go visit the Beautiful Freak blog post. You’re my hero Maya.  I hope that this post finds it way to you and brings a smile to your face.

Beautiful Freak 2

Skin:  Pink Fuel – ANDRO – Avery
Hair:  MINA Hair – Selenia (mesh)  *Arcade December preview*
Eyes:  Dead Apples – Shattered – Marine
Eyelashes:  BeetleBones – Mesh Lashes V.01 – Clumpy Black
Hands:  SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands – Elegant 1
Feet:  SLink – Womens Medium (mesh)
Manicure:  Beautiful Freak – Super Maya *Silly 7*
Jacket:  coldLogic – Halfred Jacket (mesh)
Pants:  coldLogic – Knight Leggings (mesh)
Shoes:  Livalle – Aurora – Oxford Heels (mesh)  *Fifty Linden Fridays*
Pose:  aDORKable Poses – Legs #8 & Pencil II #1

Without Darkness, One Cannot Know Light

“People once believed, that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens, that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can’t rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes the crow could bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.”

Without Darkness 1

Today’s post is a mixture of events.  I’m finding it hard lately to find clothing that suits my style at any of the events.  The current trend seems to be on dresses.  Short ones, long ones; strapless, flowy, frilly, floofy dresses.  Second Life tends to follow with the seasons in America so shouldn’t there be more wintery garb out?  Now if I were a girly girl who liked all of said dresses, I would be in shoppers heaven.  Alas, I am not.  I did however stumble upon this fabulous coat at The Mens Department.  Now ladies while I may make this look good *hair flips* if you like a bust then it won’t be for you as it is a mens jacket.  With such a high collar I needed a short or an updo hair and I was feeling very androgynous in my new coat so I went with the new hair from MINA (which comes in both mens and womens sizings) available at Chapter Four.

Without Darkness 2

Quick note on the Imabee skins, if you hurry over to the temporary inworld store you can grab some great bargains for the Black Friday weekend sale.  The Mistress was 25% off and comes with SLink appliers as well as a few lipstick colour choices, I’m wearing #3.  Speaking of specials, We <3 RP is known for its discounted prices when you are looking for some quality roleplay attire.  I couldn’t believe the steal of a deal I got for these boots!  They’re unisex and unrigged so easily worn by hulks or petites.  Genre is half way through, so don’t forget to stop by and check out this months deals for the theme Post Apocalypse.  La Petite Morte has a nice little face tattoo available, which comes in black and colourable so you can suit any outfit.

Without Darkness 3
Skin: !Imabee – The Mistress
Hair: MINA – Bas (mesh) *The Chapter Four*
Eyes: Dead Apples – Shattered – Marine
Face Tattoo: La Petite Morte – The Wastelands Tattoo *Genre*
Earrings: [Fetch] – Hrund Earrings (mesh) *The Secret Affair*
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands – Elegant
Nail Polish: [Stellar] – High Shine Nail Polish – Back in Black
Ring: Bliensen + MaiTai – Wedding Night (mesh) *A Tattered Page*
Coat: ::GABRIEL:: – Double Wool Coat (mesh) *The Mens Department*
Pants: Pink Outfitters – Eri Leggings (mesh)
Shoes: Dysfunctional Designs – Leather Spat Boots (mesh) *We <3 RP*
Poses: Axix – Lord Crow #7 (pic one) and oOo Studio – Inked #2 *The Mens Department* (pic two and three)

*end note.  My pictures seem to have gone back to having a weird halo around them since the latest update on Firestorm.  This happens with like every second or third update I do.  Any tips on how to reduce that and have clear photos again would be appreciated*

Cirque du Freak

Get your freak show on at Cirque De Seraphim!  Not only are you donating to the ASPCA by buying items at the event but OMG CIRCUS THEME!!!!!  How much more awesome can you get?!?!

Cirque du Freak 1

Fetch has a cute abandoned set and awesome little trapeze necklace.  The coaster chair comes with over a dozen different poses/animations to choose from and I love love love the grungey texturing.

Cirque du Freak 2

La Petite Morte has a special version of the Bonnie skin available.  It comes with the clown face already part of the skin but there are lso make up options that you can layer on as well.  The dotty make up is a unique half face make up, harlequinn comes in 9 different colours to chose from and the tattoo’d face adds a bit of fancy to your face. Make sure you stop by before the event ends on November 26.

Cirque du Freak 3

Skin: La Petite Morte – Bonnie Clown *Cirque De Seraphim*
Hair: Deviant Kitties (now ploom): Akuma (mesh)
Eyes: Random Matter – Fracture Eyes – Cobalt (mesh)
Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Necklace: [Fetch] – Trapeze Necklace (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Collar: Glam Affair – Embellished Ruffle Collar (mesh)
Body: *COCO* – Doll Body (mesh)
Dress: *COCO* – Halter Corset Dress (mesh, can only be worn with COCO Doll Body)
Shoes: *COCO* – Jester Boots (mesh, can only be worn with COCO Doll Body)
Pose: [ImpEle] – Lolita 03

Table: [Fetch] – Abandoned Wheel Table (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Sign: [Fetch] – Abandoned Sign (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Chair: [Fetch] – Abandoned Coaster Chair (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Ladder: [Fetch] – Abandoned Track (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*


dotty make up, harlequinn make up (9 colours), tattoo’d make up

The Imp

Creeping up your stairs at night, As you lay asleep in bed, The depression imp slides in your room, And straight inside your head, He starts to play his little game, You’re at his beck and call, Whispering all bad thoughts, Your dreams begin to fall, You start to doubt your confidence, Along with hope and will, He’s eating your very essence,

The Imp 1

Your soul he wants to kill, You let yourself fall at his feet, Your future in his eyes, You cannot help but be entranced, You feed him with your lies, Your kindness shrinks to anger, Your caring thoughts are gone, This is a wicked entity, And he wants you for his own, He will use your every breath, To try and keep you in,

The Imp 2

But please have faith and belief, Were all put here to sin, But in the pits of darkness, A light will always beam, There’s always hope and dreams to be, After the darkness you have seen, So just before you drift to sleep, Try to say this prayer, Stay away depression imp, There is no room in here.

~Christina Ford

The Imp 3

Skin:  Essences – Song Lumiere Hair:  Spellbound – Jezebel  (mesh) Hair Jewellery:  Spellbound – Jezebel Gemstone Headchain (mesh) Horns:  Izzies – Demon Eyes and Horns  *Uber, Nov* Eyes:  Izzies – Demon Eyes and Horns  *Uber, Nov* Eyelashes:  Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia Eye and Nose Makeup:  Lovely Disarray – Aggressive Intentions Lip Makeup:  -=FORSAKEN=- – Ink Spit Lip Stripe *Recent Release* Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant (mesh) Shrug:  -=FORSAKEN=- – Lolth Shirt Undershirt:  -=FORSAKEN=- – Web Shirt Shirt:  Scrub – Take full hands Corset:  erratic – Alexis Corset (mesh) *Uber, Nov* Skirt:  Suicidal Unborn – Basic Miniskirt (mesh) Stockings:  Nylon Outfitters – Ripped Up Stockings *Collabor88, Oct* Shoes:  Eclat – Electra Platform Studded Pose:  exposeur – Wee-Bow 5


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