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Hair Fair 2012 opened this week and the crowds have been packing the sims Garden, Sand, Flower and Water.  If you haven’t had a chance to get in yet, don’t worry, you have until the 29th of July.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the layout of this years event, which in my opinion, is the best one I have been to yet.  The decor and design is simple yet easily navigated.  There aren’t oodles of textures to load and the walking path is straight forward and not all over the place like a maze.  A big congratulations to the event organisers Sasy Scarborough (Coordinator), Mel Vanbeeck ( Builder/Scripter), Whimsy Winx ( Builder), Ashia Tomsen (Photo Contest), Gabby Panacek (Administrative) and Adorkable Peapod (Poses).


I wanted to just give you some playful photos highlighting some wonderful new hairs you can find at the event.  Without making it a monotonous hair post with mugshots everywhere, here are a few hairs I’ll be giving you a closer look later on.  Grab a pen and paper and make your shopping list guys and girls.  There are plenty of goodies you will want to buy.

Hair Fair Preview 1

Hair Fair Preview 2

Hair Fair Preview 3

Hair Fair Preview 4

Hair Fair Preview 5

Mannequins left to right
1: “”D!va”” Hair “Vivienne”   *Flower Sim*
2: :esk-imo: Hair _ Gaia (Mesh)   *Water Sim*
3: *~*Damselfly*~*Tinsley   *Water Sim*
4: LOGO Alessandra (Mesh)   *Garden Sim*
5: Analog Dog / .b – ging (Mesh)   *Water Sim*
6: Rosy Mood hair / Sweet buns   *Garden Sim*
7: [COLORS] 60   *Sand Sim*
8: Tekeli-li – Crystalic (Mesh)   *Garden Sim*

Avatar: *DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) & *DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow) (Mesh)
Pic1: *Alice Project* Tessa (Hair Fair Free Gift) (Mesh)   *Flower Sim*
Pic2: MINA – Lente   *Garden Sim*
Pic3: Tameless Hair – Victoria (Mesh)   *Garden Sim*
Pic4: Discord Designs – Dhilon   *Water Sim*
Pic5: LollipopZ – Oh! (Mesh)   *Flower Sim*

Bench: Epicerie – Rayonnage bas
Hair Display Busts: Made by me
Mannequin: Taken from the {.:exposeur:.} Shadow Box: The Dressing Room
Light: Taken from the {.:exposeur:.} Shadow Box: The Dressing Room
Wall Art: {what next} Bedroom Wall Decal
Divider: color.me – room divider
Chair: Taken from the {.:exposeur:.} Shadow Box: The Dressing Room
Rug: Taken from the {.:exposeur:.} Shadow Box: The Dressing Room