Get off your horse and smile ….. A Bloggers Challenge

Let me just start off by saying the shape in the pictures below was made by me, not modelling of any one particular avatar therefore any similarities are purely coincidental.  This post is not aimed at any one particular avatar/store/brand either……merely my big mouth opinion!

For some time now I have been waiting for the next wave of trends to take over SL.  It seems to happen with the seasons change but the most recent one is stuck and we need to get together and boot it through the door!  Does a droopy lipped, narrowed eyed, horse hipped avatar really sell your clothes/skin/jewellery/tattoos/ANYTHING!?  I’m prepared for the backlash on this one.  But I really could care less.  This is my blog and therefore my opinion.  Honestly – seeing the angry droopy faces and crotches you could park a bike in make me walk out of a store and they don’t get my lindens.  Simple as that.

I know everyone has a right to be “what” they want in SL.  And if you want hips then fine have hips.  But take a walk down the street in RL first and look at a woman with wide hips.  Sure as I’m going to hell, her thighs are gonna be closer together and 9 times out of 1o her waist will be bigger than a 9 year olds.   All of this WTFUCKERY started me thinking again after seeing Isabeal point out the blogging trends on plurk.  I sat and watched the responses for a few and it seems it’s not just me that is hating seeing this common trend everywhere.

So here is your challenge.  Make a copy of your avatar shape if you are deadset certain on keeping it.  Alter it!  Be bold, be brave, think outside the cool kids square and be original!  I know my shape is not for everyone.  But I have curves without looking like I’ve been sitting on a horse for a week and I’m grumpy about it!  Can you go a week of blogging with a new shape?  Can you be original and unique and YOU – not one of the grumpy horse-riders brigade!

A challenge....

A challenge....

A challenge....
(Click pictures to view larger)

Skin: [CheerNo] Femme Belina
Eyes: Amacci ~ Sapphire Eyes – 19
Hair: [LeLutka]-JENNIFER hair
Outfit: *[Eclat]* – Spirit
Shoes: [Pixel Mode] : Baby T’s


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