101 Uses for a Detached E-Peen – A Photo Challenge

An inspiration from The Great Second Life Photo Challenge put together by It’s Only Fashion.  I have this little book by Theresa George that sits on my desk and when in need of a laugh I open at a random page and have a bit of a giggle.  The Book – 101 Uses for a Severed Willie.  Whilst flicking through the other day I found myself thinking – oh that would be hilarious as a Second Life Photo.  So I put forth a challenge to you all – can you pose in a 101 photographs and depict all 101 uses?  I have scanned a few of the drawings from the book to give you some inspiration.

– Find yourself a Detached E-Peen, you can find a free one HERE if you don’t have one laying around. Either manipulate it in place on objects to take your photo, or edit objects and attach it.
– Take a picture with you, and friends if needed, portraying the different ‘uses’ as seen below. Picture must include you! For example – if the use is an umbrella handle. You must be holding the umbrella in the photo not just a photo of the umbrella.
– Take one photo per ‘use’.

– When you have all 101 photos send a link to Arora Zanzibar inworld, or comment on this post, with a link to your Flickr / Koinup / Blog showing your pictures.

That’s it!

PRIZES: Oh yes there will be prizes. Personally the best prize of all is the amount of laughter this will cause for you and your friends. First prize, to the person who completes all 101 uses / photos, will be $2500L to spend at Sn@tch, a Photography sitting with Harlow Heslop PLUS $3000L (TOTAL PRIZE VALUE $6000L). Second prize will be $1000L shopping spree at Sn@tch PLUS $2000L (TOTAL PRIZE VALUE $3000L). Third prize will be 1000L shopping spree at Intrigue Co. and a 500L shopping spree at Sn@tch (TOTAL PRIZE VALUE $1500L).

I’ve made a Flickr group for everyone to share their pictures.  You next step now is go take pictures with your Detached E-Peen and have fun!  Don’t forget to check the market place for some freebie items that you can use in your photos.  Don’t have a horse – ask a friend!  Need to find a garden – explore SL!  Use your imagination and have fun.

1. Wedding cake tier holder.
2. Golf tee.
3. Fish bait.
4. Opera glasses.
5. Deportment device.
6. Seedling support stake.
7. Ring tree.
8. Mug tree.
9. Salt and Pepper shakers.
10. Frying-pan handle.
11. Mortar and pestle.
12. Corn-on-the-cob holders.
13. Cocktail swizzle sticks.
14. Cake icing decorator nozzle.
15. Finger and Toe separator.
16. Necklace pendant.
17. Skipping rope handles.
18. Seed hole digger.
19. Rolling pin.
20. Wine cork.
21. Turkey baster.
22. Garden hose power nozzle.
22. Donut hole maker.
23. Clothes pegs.
24. Soap dispenser.
25. Toothbrush holder.
26. Umbrella handle.
27. Toilet bowl scrubber
28. Bird perch.
29. Phone dialer.
30. Candle holder.
31. Gear shift.
32. Briefcase / suit case handle.
33. Keyring.
34. Hair rollers.
35. Self inking stamp.
36. Book ends.
37. Finger puppets.
38. Water pistols.
40. Tent stakes.
41. Bicycle handles.
42. Aquarium accessory.
43. Bowling pins.
44. Bird Call.
45. Drum sticks.
46. Artist’s paint brush.
47. Billiard cues.
48. Toilet roll holder.
49. Guitar pick.
50. Violin bow.
51. Piano Pedals.
52. Hat and coat hooks.
53. Dog fetching toy.
54. Dog chew.
55. Name card holder.
56. Cheerleading baton.
57. Ink pen.
58. Clock pendulum
59. Hockey puck.
60. Drawer handles.
61. Kite string handle.
62. Relay race baton.
63. Television antennae.
64. Vacuum hose attachment.
65. Hot e-peen party game.
66. Pick-up sticks game.
67. Drawing straws.
68. Hop scotch marker.
69. Reading the runes.
70. Shower head.
71. Book page turner.
72. Ear plugs.
73. Faucet nozzle.
74. Door stop.
75. New age witch wand.
76. Decorative clock handles.
77. Windscreen wipers.
78. Personal reminder e-peen.
79. Flogging a dead horse.
80. Toilet flush.
81. Bird feeder.
82. Earrings.
83. Plumb line.
84. Police baton.
85. Make up applicator.
86. Knitting needles.
87. Riding crop.
88. Telephone receiver.
89. Garden ornaments.
90. Darts.
91. Presentation pointer.
92. Trumpet mute.
93. Sink plug.
94. Flagellation tool.
95. Garden markers.
96. Ring toss game.
97. Erector set (lego blocks)
98. Hat decoration.
99. Car rear-view mirror accessory.
100. Conductors baton.
101. Flower vase.


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