52 Weeks of Colour – Week 20, Deep Pink


I thought I would do something completely different for this post.  I’m late in getting it posted because I have been trying hard to find something to wear in this colour.  I’m not a fan of pink.  Far from it in fact. I will try my hardest to steer clear of it as best I can.  So finding something in my inventory to match was proving to be difficult.  Originally I didn’t want to go spending lindens on an outfit that I would never wear again.  That was when I saw Harlow plurk about this new project of hers called “Pay it Forward” ‘Each week I will pick one person in the Second Life community that I feel has displayed a positive attitude and an overall kind nature that week. I will then offer to do a free portrait for them! I will post my photos to my flickr under the title “Pay It Forward Project” with a little excerpt about how they caught my eye. I will then encourage that person to “Pay it forward”, this can be by giving a simple gift, a kind word, a photo, etc… It can be anything as long as it’s positive and encouraging. Then…the person you paid it forward to, should be encouraged to pay it forward as well, and so on…and on…and on…’  Wouldn’t you know it……the sign she made for this project just happens to be this weeks colour.  Talk about fitting in perfectly!

So this is my daily “kindness”.  Even though I will most likely never wear these items again.  I gave my lindens over to the designers and I purchased all new items to blog about.  Better off giving my lindens to someone that possibly uses SL as their sole income – how am I to know otherwise – rather than keep it and spend it willy nilly on things I probably really don’t need to clutter my inventory with.

52 WoC - Week 20, Deep Pink

52 WoC - Week 20, Deep Pink

The Pay It Forward Project

Thank you Harlow for letting me steal your pic from flickr =)

Skin: [PinkFuel] Alyx <Honey> – Candy Hearts
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Rainshower Shadow)
Eyelashes: ::BeetleBones:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Minimalist Tintable)
Make Up 1: Flirt – Eye Ink 4
Make Up 2: [PinkFuel] Elly <Honey> Juicy Gloss (Rasperberry)
Hair: Magika [02] Safe
Top: Ladies Who Lunch – Wrap Top
Skirt: Ladies Who Lunch – High Waisted Pencil Skirt *MESH*
Stockings: ~Blacklace~ P.S I Love You Pink Satin Stockings
Shoes: Ladies Who Lunch – Got Soul Pumps
Sign: A Netherworld – Occupy Valentines Day Customiseable Sign w/ pose (Pic 2)
Pose: {.:exposeur:.} I ❤ The 80’s #5 (Pic 1)


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  1. Aww… love the sentiment in all that. For hating pink you made something pretty and worthwhile with it!

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