52 Weeks of Colour – Week 25, Unmellow Yellow


I was doing quite the opposite of this weeks colour name.  I was mellowing out just hanging around in the garden whilst looking through my inventory for this weeks colour when I came across an old Typing animation overrider  I used to annoy my friends with.    So, Luna, this drawing is for you!

52 WoC - Week 25, Unmellow Yellow (pic 1)

*pokes tongue out at a 20 degree angle tot he left and squints her right eye to get perfect lines*


52 WoC - Week 25, Unmellow Yellow (pic 2)
Skin: Aura – Winterfell Faun (2011) – Snow – Avatar
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Rainshower Shadow)
Hair: [elikatira] Abbey
Outfit: coldLogic romper – ella.lemonade
Prop: Curio Obscura – Whiteboard Typing Override v1.1


2 Comments Add yours

  1. And yet more ColdLogic rompers! They’re so cute! Love that one on you 😛

  2. rudhmellowen says:

    AWWWWWW a purdy unicorn!!! Such a cute set of photos!!! AWESOME!!!!

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