Through Plastik Eyes


How often do you change your eyes?  Perhaps you stick to blues only?  Maybe you have different eye colours for different RP Characters?

Well I change my eyes probably as much as I change my clothes.  However my default character always goes back to blue.  I think today I found my new blue!  And a ‘few’ extras that I just can’t decide which I like best so I’ll probably swap them every other day.

For those of you that like to swap your eyes around, or maybe you’re just looking for a new version of the colour you always wear – check out the collections below courtesy of The Plastik. The Vaele Collection come in a multitude of pack choices featuring multiple eyes in each set, some more than others.  Here’s the bonus part – MESH!  There’s just something about mesh eyes that make them stand out more so than prim eyes and I haven’t quite figured out how just yet.  Having mesh eyes also allows those venturous ones of you out there to mix and match from either the one pack or multiple packs.

I’ve broken the pics up to showcase each ‘pack’ and the colours names can be found at the bottom of the credits.  I’m kinda stuck on Timeintense at the moment.  The soul piercing blue is just so dramatic!  What’s your new colour going to be?

Vaele Collection Pic 1

Vaele Collection Pic 2

Vaele Collection Pic 3

Vaele Collection Pic 4

Vaele Collection Pic 5

Skin: Aura – Winterfell Faun (2011) – Snow – Avatar
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* Seelie Ears
Necklace: n-creation – little armagedon necklace
Hair: [elikatira] – Shine

PIC 1 – :[P]:-Vaele Collection://Lovestory/Mesmerizes
1 – Mesmerize
2 – Lovestory
3 – MesmerizeHot

PIC 2 – :[P]:-Vaele Collection://Pierce/Runebound/Sadness
1 – Pierce
2 – Runebound
3 – Sadness

PIC 3 – :[P]:-Vaele Collection://Samalie/Scrawny/Wynter
1 – Wynter
2 – Samalie
3 – Scrawny

PIC 4 – :[P]:-Vaele Collection://Time Col.
1 – Timeevil
2 – Timeintense
3 – TimeBlue

PIC 5 – :[P]:-Vaele Collection://Mourn coll.2
1 – MournGreen
2 – MournIncan
3 – MournLily
4 – MournMuted


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