Pure- A blog

Wishing my soul as pure
as the picture painted.
The world and it’s allure
has me forever tainted

Pure- A blog

My future now planned for me
but no more youthful days.
The past is past you’ll see
No more rebellious ways.

Pure- A blog

Surprises exposed at each turn
for my dreams to be complete.
Past failures I will not burn
starve my fears, it’s faith I eat

Pure- A blog

Courage is what I need to move on
with hope in my heart and dreams in my eyes
I’m willing to fight and look for a new dawn
and aim to be more noble and wise

Pure- A blog

We start counting down the moment we are born
so take a chance and make things happen.
I won’t live a life full of misery and scorn
and look back and regret chances never taken.

Body: *DOLLCOCO*_Body Snow  (MESH)
Head: *DOLLCOCO*_Head (snow)_Lena  (MESH)
Pose Prop: GLITTERATI – Blind  (Part MESH)


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