I’m totally in love with my big fat head!

Yeah you read it right.  I was out wandering around and sim hopping with a friend last night and stumbled into the store Dirty Lynx.  I had been eyeing off some boots of theirs (post on that later) on the MP only a few days earlier but hadn’t actually gone into the store.  We decided to grab one of their tinies avvies and run around like that for a while and it was as I was running up and down stairs like a goof that I spotted it.  My new fat head!  The Witchie avatar is a full mesh avatar that resembles something like a Bratz doll, only cuter.  The simple hud included in the pack gives you the choice of changing her dress into one of 5 different styles, there are also 5 hat options to choose from, 5 different hair colours and 6 facial expressions.  I had so much fun wondering around and just clicking a button and derp facing then trying to squeeze my head through the doorway.  You really should go check them out if you need a giggle.

All poses from {.:exposeur:.}


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