Plastik Fantastik


See these horns!  You must go buy them!

I really can’t say enough to do these horns justice.  They are, simply put, the best horns I have found.  The horns are mesh so make sure you have a mesh enabled viewer.  Each pack comes with the horns, the circlet that sits on your forehead and a hud for both.  You can chance the bead trims, the leather the gems, ALL the things.  If you want to have more variety there are also packs you can buy that have MORE gem stones to choose from.  Just purchase your horns and a spare pack of gems.  Wear the horns and the hud from the gem pack and it will change them for you!  The hardest part is choosing from the MANY different horn textures and colours and then the gem packs.

Blog to come soon

Skin: Aura – Winterfell Faun (2011) – Snow
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jacqueline Mesh Hair
Eyes: :[The Plastik]: Vaele Collection:// Eyes-Noir (Mesh) *Vintage Fair*
Horns: :[The Plastik]: – Arachzis Horns://Chalk
Skirt & Top: [Gorean Rose] – Erin Black
Hooves and Accessories: *{ SeVered GarDeN}* – Rina (complete outfit with hooves, arm & leg bands and gloves. Also comes with skirt & top, horns and ears which I am not wearing)
Poses by {.:exposeur:.}


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