Sn@tch Lover

So Ivey’s Sn@tch is old!  Yup, the store had it’s 5th Birthday this month and to celebrate there is a neat little photo contest going on.

So I donned my tag and headed for the group gift giver.  I have to say though every time I put on my Sn@tch group tag I have to have a bit of a giggle to myself.  Walking around with ” ❤ Sn@tch Lover ❤ ” above my head cracks me up for some strange reason.  All I can come up with is…Congratulations Rors, you’re 12 again!  Now it was at this point in time of me giggling for the umpteenth time at my title that I had a genius idea for the location of my photo for the contest!  The Dirty Dive!

Sn@tch Photo Contest

As you can see by the various states of undress and noobness going on around me, it was certainly an interesting place to TP in to with that tag on.  Needless to say the IM’s I started getting were interesting.  I jumped up on a swing (the only sittable object that didn’t automatically throw me into a jerking motion or allow someone else to just sit in my lap) and waited for everyone to rez.  It was at this point I realised I was not wearing any undies!  Word to the wise ladies…..the mesh skirt does require you to put something on underneath, unless you want to just let it all hang out.  Not advisable in a place like this though.  So this is my submission for the Sn@tch 5yr Birthday Photo Contest.  Don’t forget to get yours in.


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