Dress for Less

Short on cash but want a new look?  All you have to do is shop around!  Today I felt like going casual, so jeans, tee and comfy shoes it is.  Now assuming you aren’t a day old noob and actually have skin and hair in your inventory,  I haven’t shopped around for a “complete” avatar – just clothing.

Dress for Less


The jeans I found at the *COCO*Homme section for only $50L!  The tee and shoes I found on the marketplace.  You’d be surprised what you can find on there if you just start clicking away.  The tee was only $79L and the shoes $39L.  So all up I only spent $168L!!!

Skin: -Entente- Matthieu Skin – Tone C
Hair: -Entente- David Hair & Beanie – B&W
Eyes: -Entente- Valentin Eyes – Grey – Medium
Shirt: OUTRAGE.studios:: Just Take It
Jeans: *COCO*Homme_GeometricPrintPants(Black)
Shoes: Sneaker Lab Over-Time RedWar (mesh)
Pose: {.:exposeur:.} Adham


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