A new breedable has been in the making for some time now – the Fennux.  The creative team behind these adorable little creatures, Daemon Blackflag – Designer/Co-Director, Dashing Riddler – Scripting/Co-Director, Katharine McGinnis – Testuring, SatoriAsuka – CSR Manager and Spider Carnot – Modeling / Animations, have outdone themselves.

I first became aware of the Fennux when Katharine, owner of Intrigue Co., happily announced the new project she was working on.  As a fan of breedables in Second Life I was eager to get my hands on them and put my name down for a pack when they were ready for release.  The private Beta testing opened today for all of those that have pre-ordered and like any new launch there were a few hiccups, including a sim crash that sent the servers into a tizz and left some of us waiting for our packs to actually hit our inventories.  Daemon and the crew handled the bedlam quickly and efficiently and were on top of it the moment they noticed a problem.


I now have 20 Fennux Beta running around my home and they are just adorable.  The animations are cute and make you want to be able to just curl up and play with them.  As they are only just in Beta phase I am sure there are bound to be things popping up and sorted out prior to the actual release but I haven’t noticed anything thus far.  The fluidity of animations is a tiny bit static, but considering the build itself and the animation combinations I don’t think they could have bettered them, in fact I haven’t seen one breedable yet that has had perfect fluid motion. One thing to keep an eye on is where you place them.  They tend to end up in walls and under floors and even a meter up in the air running around.  So make sure, if you do venture into the land of Fennux breeding, is that you have a nice open area for them to run around and not get “stuck” inside/under things.

There are many “coats” and eye colours and as time progresses and new things are introduced there will be more tails and ears and whiskers and yet more coats.  I watched one run around for a while and grabbed some photos to share.  This little boy has a ‘Eastern 1’ coat, Chocolate eyes and Common whisker shape.  I’ll probably do another post in a week or so when they have aged and grown up and I’ve delved more into the HUD and the workings and have more information to share.  But I do recommend if you are looking for a new breedable, or even wanting to start for the first time, give the Fennux a go.  Reasonable prices and the cost for feeding each month is quite low compared to most others on the market.  Go on over and have a look at the demos rezzed in world and check out the pack options for purchase.


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