Around the World

With my trip around the world, ok so I’ m going to Canada but it’s like half a globe away so that counts, coming up it was perfect timing that the “Around The World”  event opened and I had time for some shopping and blogging.  If you like ethnic things in SL then I suggest having a peek around the sim.  The set up and layout was well thought out, however the teleporters seemed to hate me for some reason so it took me a couple of minutes to figure out which continent was where and I just walked it.  Walking seems to be something of a lost art in SL, have you noticed this?  The fact that we can fly or simply move our camera and double click and just ‘whoosh’ to that spot has meant that not many people really like walking any more.  I enjoy walking around events, taking it all in in a proper shopping experience.  Granted it takes me a lot longer to do my shopping than it does to those who fly by or double click TP, what can I say – I’m ‘old fashioned’.

Now before I get on to discussing my purchases I have a small gripe.  This is the only gripe that I found with the event though as the organisers did a fantastic job putting this together.  As a store owner myself I know how tedious making vendor ads can be, especially if you have an item that you want to put out as an event item and then sell in the main store afterwards.  I noticed that quite a large number of stores at this event had no signage at all as to which items were their exclusive ones.  I did message one store owner to ask which were her exclusives.  This was I think the 3rd one I had come across and I had only walked into 7 stores so far.  I was advised that she was a fill in store last minute so no exclusives so I’m not sure how many others were last minute replacement stores that had no exclusives out.  Some stores that had no signage to say exclusives were blatantly obvious by their designs that their entire collection there was for the event and others were a bit touch and go; ie the name of the item may have indicated that their items were for the asian continent but the item itself was, well, eastern culture?  I simply didn’t purchase from some stores because there was no way in telling if anything was new or event exclusive, two of which were sponsor stores which was quite upsetting. Yes you could argue that I could still shop and buy things from them, but I was shopping with this blog post in mind and I wanted to cover the event and it’s exclusives not purchase something there for the sake of saying it was at “Around The World” when it could also be found at a mainstore, the marketplace and satellite stores as well.  Most events will pass on the logo or a store poster or some texture of some sort that is easily added to your store vendors, or rezzed on a seperate prim and placed next to your items if you don’t want to have to make two vendor ads (for selling it normally in store afterwards).

Around The World 1


I have to admit I was a bit hesitant visiting the Australia and New Zealand area of the sim.  As an Aussie I tend to get asked a lot if I live “In the Outback”, and “Do I have Kangaroos and Koalas in my backyard” oh and not to mention that we are all crazy because “you live with the hugest spiders in the world and don’t want to move”.  Needless to say I expected much worse than what I found and I was pleasantly surprised.  The Fair Dinkum Hat, or as we call them – Akubra, was made very well and I didn’t even need to adjust it to fit over the hair.  The Flannel Tie shirt brings back some memories of my childhood – yes I actually did grow up in the outback.  Although in typical Aussie fashion, we shorten it to just plain old “Flanny”.  The Patriotic Jeans I mistook for New Zealand at a quick glance.  See there is a slight difference between our flags and that is the lining around the stars forming the southern cross and they are also missing the 5th star under the Union Jack.  But I guess no room for that on the butt pockets.  All in all I loved the designs and nabbed a few other goodies but since I ranted on for a bit earlier I figured I’d try to cut down on photos and rambling about all things Australian.



Around The World 2


My stop over in Asia Minor and Africa, again, took a big chunk out of my lindens.  But how could I pass up more fabulous Alice Project hair. Alice is a mesh making machine and she certainly held nothing back with this event.  I only picked up two of the hairs she had on show but I grabbed one of her extra hair dye huds that I hadn’t already picked up.  That’s one thing I love about Alice Project hair.  You can buy one style but use ANY of her colour dye huds with it and achieve a multitude of looks.  I stuck with the standard “Infinity” colour hud that comes with all hairs to achieve this look.  But since the hair is sections I was able to use a couple of different colours to give it a bit of a difference.  I had trouble making a decision what to buy from 22769.  Since they started making mesh clothing I found their designs to have improved 10 fold.  They never cease to amaze me with their ideas and concepts and they embodied their continent perfectly with their patterns.

Skin: Curio – Acorn Frex [Light] Elf-Soot 2
Hair: Alice Project – Sooyoung (Mesh) *Around The World – Asia Minor*
Hat: Eclectic Apparel – Fair Dinkum Hat (Mesh) *Around The World – Australia & New Zealand*
Top: Intrepid – My Faithful Flannel Tie Shirt (Mesh) *Around The World – Australia & New Zealand*
Pants: Intrepid – Mesh Patriotic Jeans *Around The World – Australia & New Zealand*
Boots: FIR & MNA – The Orann Boots (Mesh)
Poses: Purple Poses – Kate # 05, # 04 & # 08 *Around The World – Western Europe*

Skin: Amacci – Liane (Puder) – 05 Day
Hair: Alice Project – Yuri (Mesh) *Around The World – Asia Minor*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – New Species – Black
Top: 22769 – [femme] Olabisi Top Zebra (Mesh) *Around The World – Africa*
Skirt: 22769 – [femme] Black Leather Miniskirt (Mesh) *Around The World – Africa*
Pose: Purple Poses – Kate # 03 *Around The World – Western Europe*


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