Zodiac – Sagittarius

Sagittarius characteristics are witness to the importance of deriving meaning from experience. From experience, that is, not from books, though reading the thoughts and searches for meaning of others can help in the quest. Consider the symbol or glyph for Sagittarius – a centaur. The rear half is that of a horse and the front half that of a human. The horse symbolises animal instinct – it isn’t the rear half for nothing! The human symbolises the search for that which lies beyond animal instinct. The two are always together – meaning, philosophy, religion, are divorced from instinct at their peril. Then you get the philosophers and preachers who exhibit great powers of mind but cannot touch the heart.”

Zodiac - Sagittarius

The new round of Zodiac has some pretty fab items for you Sagittarians.  I’m not normally one to wear gold, in either SL or RL, but I couldn’t pass up the bridle from Evie’s Closet.  It’s so intricate and detailed and there was absolutely no ‘fitting’ needed.  I simply wore it and it fit perfect already.  So to match my gold bridle I’m wearing the gold version of the Longbow necklace from Perception, which is also where my corset is from (also comes in an overbust option).

Skin: Leafy – Amethyst – Paled Blue – Shimmer – VIP Group Gift
Hair: DeLa* – Mesh Hair “Jemma”
Ears: Illusions – Seelie Ears (Mesh)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Violet Flare – The Arcade (Mesh)
Eyelashes: BeetleBones – Mesh Lashes V.01 – Dollface
Horns: The Plastik – Triz Horns – Ivoire (Mesh)
Bridle: Evie’s Closet – The Kelpie’s Bridle – Sagittarius Zodiac *Zodiac Event*
Necklace: Perception – Bow and Arrow Necklace (Mesh) *Zodiac Event*
Corset: Perception – Corset Set – Sagittarius (Mesh) *Zodiac Event*
Centaur: BeetleBones – Mesh Centaur Body Attachment
Pose: !bang – mini series – back up 3, without purpose 2


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