I’ve been wanting to do a blog using the FemDroid avatar by Chip Midnight for some time now and just couldn’t decide how I wanted to show it off.  It wasn’t until I saw the cute new release from MINA Hair, available at My Attic on the 21st of February, that I had a sudden thought pop into my head of how I wanted to do it.

FemDroid Blog Pic 1

As soon as I saw the colour palette, changeable via a HUD, of the new Spice hair that I knew exactly where I wanted to take my photos.  It’s a sim that has always been a favourite of mine and perfect for my photos today.

FemDroid Blog Pic 2

The creativity of people in Second Still amazes me every day.  The way someone can have a vision in their mind and then turn that into a full sim ready to explore.  I encourage you to go take a look if you’ve never been before.  Make sure to check out all the teleport locations too!

FemDroid Blog Pic 3

Now, Chip Midnight originally made the FemDroid some months ago and has upgraded it to a Deluxe model.  This newer version now has the options to change all the textures to suit your own style.  It;s all HUD driven so you just select a body part and a colour and presto change-o.  If you are feeling adventurous there is even the option to add your own textures so your FemDroid can be truly unique to you.  Guys, there is also a ManDroid so don’t feel left out.

FemDroid Blog Pic 4

I started off walking around with my usual AO on then it dawned on me, I needed to look the part completely.  So I searched through my AO’s and stumbled upon one from ORACUL.  I’m pretty sure every second person in SL has one of these AO’s as they are quite affordable and the flow of animations is so nice and smooth.  Now I’ll admit when I first turned on the B.E Bot AO I sat and watched myself for a good 10 minutes just chuckling away at the animations and I just had to share with you all. So at the bottom you will find a link to YouTube where I have attempted my very first SL Video.  No sound =( but you get to see the actions of the AO teamed up with the FemDroid Avatar and I have to say, fits it PERFECTLY!

Avatar: CMFF (Chip Midnight) – FemDroid Deluxe
Eyes: By Snow – Dolly Eyes Blind (coloured to match avatar)
Hair: MINA Hair – Spice *My Attic* New Release available 21st Feb
Poses: !bang – Without a purpose and Backed Up
Location: Pteron


One Comment Add yours

  1. chipmidnight says:

    Thanks so much for the writeup, Rors. Love the pics and your video is great. Hope you enjoy your FemDroid!

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