Inspirational #2

It’s been a while since I did an inspirational post.  When Sixx posted a picture on plurk earlier today I was inspired to try and recreate the photo.  Not so much a look but more styling, angles and shadows.

Inspirational #2

It may not look like much of a photo and I’m sure someone with better PS skills could probably have done this a lot faster and easier than I did.  But this is a series of three photos, dissected, layered and re positioned to form one photo.  I’ve put the side by side below for comparison.

Inspirational #2 Side by Side

There really isn’t all that much to credit in this photo apart from my mesh foot from SLink.  In saying that, this is the barefoot (flat) feet.  I’m not sure if there are pointed toe versions so just want to clarify that.  I recreated the look of the toes bent back with photo manipulation.  The pose I made myself using Avimote and the knife is a full perm mesh template I picked up in a hurry off the marketplace.


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  1. dstorymoon says:

    Reminds me of a line from a book that I enjoyed: “I’m dancing on the edge of a knife.” Nicely done Rors! 😉

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