HopScotch and erare syren


The creators of Celoe and LeLutka recently released the first item of their new line together, erare.  It’s a fantasy inspired line and their first release is the sirens of the sea, the mermaid.  Creator of HopScotch, Chandni Khondji, was inspired by this new release from erare so much that she made a new pose set to use with them.  I’ll talk more about the poses in a minute, first I want to highlight these syrens.  *Just a little note before you keep scrolling – I included a picture set with both chest options so there is some nudity in the last photo*

HopScotch and erare - pic 1

The syrens contain pretty much everything you need, apart from a shape and skin of course.  I like it more when creators leave the imagination up to the buyers for skins and shapes to complete avatars/outfits.  It allows for more diversity and unique looks.  You’ll receive a full mesh tail, claws, full chest piece and half chest piece, dorsal fin, eyes, hair (not shown in my photos), body cover and  shine tattoo layers (not shown in my photos) kelp flexi add ons for the tail and shoulders, mermaid AO and a tail angle HUD.  I found the tail angle hud came in quite handy when I wanted to achieve more of a tail flick from my poses.  You click the angle you want your tail and it holds it there for you.  Of you want some realism when you are hovering or swimming you can have it on loop and it cycles through from the lowest angle right through to the highest to give the look of waving your tail up and down.

HopScotch and erare - pic 2

While the mesh parts to this outfit are all rigged however the chest pieces are mod so that you can actually adjust them to suit your avatar shape.  Once thing I found a slight problem with though is that the sizing only goes up to a medium.  This caused a bit of a problem for me with the tail and claws.  If you are not willing to modify your shape and you have a few curves and a large sized avatar this can be a bit of a set back.  I’m willing to adjust my avatar to an extent with most mesh items so I was able to get it to a point I was happy with it.  I’d love to see this come in a large size though so I can have my full avatar.

HopScotch and erare - pic 3

The poses I used for my pictures, as mentioned earlier, were made using this avatar/outfit which is a big bonus if you aren’t sure on how to adjust your avatar height with some poses.  I find sometimes I am either sunk in the ground or floating too high and need to adjust my avatar height offset.  Because Chandni modeled her poses using the full outfit the height offset is pretty much perfect.  You raise up quite a lot to give the effect of floating underwater.  I needed to adjust the tail angle using the included tail angle HUD though a couple of times to get the base of the tail out from rock/coral/shell prims beneath me (which is not something a pose creator can account for so the height of the tail would be perfect is nothing but ground beneath you).  Lastly I’d like to point out the “eggs” I am holding in my first photo.  That is the packaging syren comes in.  When I first rezzed it and aited for the mesh to load I had a quizical look on my face wondering what was about to appear and I have to admit I was kinda creeped out.  But creeped out in a good sense hahaha.  Since I love all things creepy and odd it was quite a novelty to have the packaging match the product so well so I just had to include it in at least one photo.

Skin: Exodi – Isolde – DROW
Hair: EMO-tions – Aquaria
Eyes: DAMNED – Ain’t Me Eyes
Eyelashes: Perse – Lashes Phunk Colorable
Eyebrows: Beauty by Alaskametro – Eyebrow Coverup tattoo layer
Eyebrows: Heartsick – Pencil Eyebrows
Eyeshadow: DAMNED – Tribal Make up
Eye Underliner: A Netherworld – Veiny Eyes (tinted)
Ears: Panda Express – Sirens Ears Nautilust (Mesh)
Teeth: SHINE – Prim Teeth Vampire/Long
Outfit: erare – syren – spire (Mesh)
Poses: HopScotch – Say Feesh


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