Name and Shame – Customer Service, what is that?

What is this customer service I speak of?  Apparently something the owner of Saito Creations and CoCreations doesn’t understand.  Lets go back to the beginning, shall we, and set the scene.  On the 27th of January I purchased a template kit from Co Creations (as shown below from my transaction on that day).  Upon opening the package and looking through the contents I noticed a size missing  and that the downlad link provided did not work.  It gave me some weird error about not being associated with an account.


So I did as the information in the ad says – I looked up CoCreations Resident in world and I sent an IM – resident is offline.  To cover my butt I copied the IM into a notecard and sent it to the account and I then copied it to an email and sent it.  I figure better to be safe then sorry and cover all bases of communication.  A couple of days go by and I really want to start making something with the new template kit I just purchased and still not word from the account so I try to IM again.  Again I get told the resident is offline so I do the same as last time and I copy the IM into an email and I update the original notecard I sent and send it, again.  I check out their profile again to make sure there isn’t a name listed somewhere as an alternate contact, a Customer Support person, anything really.  But it just says to contact that account.  I notice there is a LM in search (just as a side note here – I totally spaced and didn’t even notice the “Owned by” and name in the link to the store I was just clicking and TPing and having a blonde day.  I may have been able to get this not sorted out sooner) so I go to the store and there is a few vendors, but of course all owned by the CoCreations account.  So I TP home and hope that I get an answer soon.


Now had I been a smart cookie and read the reviews on the product BEFORE purchasing it I would have noticed that this is apparently a common problem (see below screen cap).  But I’m a ditz when it comes to those things.  So some time goes by and I forget about the kit sitting in my inventory until the 3rd of February that I start to make something for an upcomming event and I remember – oh I have those I can use.  I open up the folder to see my notecard sitting there and I remember.  So I open up the profile and IM again (yes I know that it says offline in red and online in green.  But there are people that hide their online status to non friends so you can’t always believe the red text) and get the usual resident is offline. So I do the same thing, copy IM to notecard and email and send them off.  At this point I’m pissed.  If you have a store account that is not your regular one, it would be common sense to at least log it in once a day to clear messages, check for customer problems etc.  Or at least check your emails, maybe check the spam folder in case emails go haywire and end up there.  Is that not Customer Service?

*Updated – I just realised I included the screen cap of another item that had negative reviews, just as a “this happens a lot” kinda thing.  The item I purchased did have negative reviews too but was for leggings and a tee, not shorts.  I will be adding in the correct photo for the reviews on the one I purchased below as well, as soon as MP stops being a dick and lets me log into it. **


It’s now the 2nd of March and I have sent another IM/notecard/email to the CoCreations account approx a week ago and am starting to investigate further to find out what is going on.  I ask around on plurk and I am told a name of a person who is apparently one of the designers behind the account, Alexxis Decuir, the same person that shows as the owner of the shop space.  Now I don’t know Alexxis personally, but I have purchased templates from her store in the past and never had a problem with her customer service so I’m a bit shocked that this could be her.  I also know she is extremely busy and sometimes hard to get hold of. But she does get back to you if she is afk or in busy mode.  It takes me a couple of days stalking her profile and the MP for when her listings go up to find a time she is online and she informs me that she “was” one of the designers of CoCreations but the business kind of just fizzled off.  So I ask if I can have the name of the other person and TADAAAAA I have a contact name.  Personally I think their name should have been listed in their CoCreations account in case of instances like this


So on the 6th of March I send a message to Saito Ragu and get the offline response.  So I copy the IM to a notecard and send that to them and I wait patiently.  Shockingly enough I actually get a response 24 hours later. So at 18 minutes past midnight SLT today I get a reply from Saito confirming that yes he/she is the owner of CoCreations and how can they help.  I explain I have been trying to get on contact with them for the past two months to solve a problem with a MP purchase and that I guess the CoCreations account is not monitored?  Now I don’t know about you, but if this were me and a customer had just advised me they have spent two months trying to get in contact I would apologise.  No?  I just get told –

[00:18] Saito Ragu: ims get capped there
[00:19] Saito Ragu: what happened?

I shrug off the blunt reply and lack of service and simply tell them the problem.  He/she tells me they will send a new link for me, and they offer friendship.  I’m not sure why friendship was needed but I figure it can’t help in case of problems down the track so I accept.  9 minutes later and nothing more has been said on their end.  It is dinner time in my neck of the woods in RL so I inform them that I need to go AFK but I will stay logged in so they can pass me the new link and I will sort it out afterwards and thank them.  45 minutes later I return and nothing in the IM.  Not even an acknowledgement of me going AFK with even a simpl “ok”.  I let them know I have returned and ask for the link again, I even say please.  Another 10 minutes go by…. “Hello?”.  Another 5 minutes with no response and at this point I have had enough of waiting.  It’s been long enough, and this isn’t the first item I have purchased from the store.  Luckily the other items had no problems but as a repeat customer I expect a little bit of service. So at 1:26am SLT I inform them that I have been patient long enough now.  All I ask for is what I purchased and a bit of common courtesy from the merchant in responding to me.


And as you can see from the above picture, Saitu also has their own line of meshes.  I guess this is why the CoCreations account is no longer monitored.  But after checking the reviews left on those items – it seems lack of communication is what this designer excels in.  My little piece of advise at the end of all this, which I will now make sure I follow as well, is to read reviews on items if they are there.  It could save you months of annoyance and also being out of pocket in lindens with a useless product.  And at 2:00am SLT Saito logged off without any response to me at all or a new link.

Now while I am on my little rant about customer service I wanted to point out this little gem I found earlier today (see below).  I had been to this store yesterday and grabbed a handful of demos and didn’t get around to trying them on until today.  One of the items I have been eyeing off since it was first released but was on the fence as to whether I could work with it or not.  The main problem I find with templates, is most of the designers will photograph the smallest size they have and it’s hard to get an idea if it will look good on larger sized avvies.  Yes you can just demo, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  If a first glance shows something that doesn’t look like it will come close to fitting a curvy avvie I generally don’t even demo it.  This was the case for this item.  But I finally got around to grabbing the demo and gave it a shot.  I am generally a medium, sometimes a large depending on the hip/butt area of the mesh so I went straight to the medium to test.  Well, actually I went to a “size 3” since this designer labels them 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  It looked like an XXS on me and I pulled a funny face and went for a size 1 figure 1 or 5 had to be at the large end of the scale.  The size 1 fit on one thigh.  So size 5 must be the large right?!  I try it on and it still cut into my stomach and hips, yet my ass was no where near filling the back end.  I was highly confused, yet still tossing up whether I could make it work somehow.  I flicked back to the MP and happened to catch a whole heap of size measurements listed in her info section so I scrolled down to size 5 to see how far I was off.  I didn’t even get to looking at the numbers because the word “monster” caught my attention.


I can’t believe that a merchant would put such a statement in the information of a listing.  I mean we can each have our own opinions on what looks good when it comes to body shape.  But to insult “larger sized” avatars by calling them monsters?  And you can see for yourself what the large size dimensions are.  Make a shape based on those and you tell me if that is a large/curvy shape and if anything above that warrants being called a monster.

I’m appalled at the lack of customer service from some designers in SL lately and it’s about time they realise that by treating customers like they do – they will not only lose that customers business, but also that bad news spreads like wild fire.  I won’t be purchasing templates or products of any sort from these accounts in the future and I won’t continue to use the ones I do have.  I don’t feel they deserve my patronage – with the exception of Alexxis of course.  She has been nothing but helpful and prompt with responding to me when needed.


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  1. that schoolgirl outfit is now being sold on another account…hmmm and I have a few items from Saito on my wishlist.

    I would love to know the name of the designer who made that ” monster” statement! Tisk Tisk..

    Good Blog post!

    1. Rors says:

      oh the monster quote can be found here – simply scroll down to the bottom of her description

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