Inspirational #6


Todays inspirational is something a little different.  For one thing – I’m a male  >.>  *Warning – naughty bits in below pictures*

I happened upon this pic while surfing through tumblr looking at different “pose” related pictures.  Checking out all the unusual ways models pose, striking pieces of art and BAM naked guy on my screen.  As a bit of a giggle I copied the link to Vinny and said “here’s my next inspirational pic”.  I should know better than to say things like that to him because he encouraged it instead of thinking I was mad and laughing at me.  So there I was this morning, logged in to my Malt and staring at a brand new shape in progress.  I decided to give him a full make over instead of using his normal shape and skin.  It took me a bit of work to get the male shape working the way I wanted it (I forgot just how hard it is to make a nice looking male shape) and don’t get me started on positioning and colouring the mean meat.  You know there’s no better way to spend an early Sunday morning than cammed in nice and close on a penis inspecting each pixel to make sure it is lined up just right and coloured just right.  Of course I completely forget I was making the pic black and white in the end so I could have had a blue penis for all I care.

Inspirational 6

Annnnnyway.  Here is today’s inspirational.  Stay tuned for more Arora Malty-ness with more inspirational pics in progress that will be sure to give you a giggle.

Inspirational 6 side by side

Skin: Entente – Matthieu Skin – Tone c
Hair: Entente – Vincent Hair
Eyes: Entente – Valentin Eyes – Grey
Facial Hair: Entente – Facial Hair B – Beard Deux
Body Hair: EDDESIGN – Complete Body Hair – Natural hairy look – Type 1
Feet: SLink – Mens Natural Barefeet (Mesh RIgged)
Man Meat: Dark Delights – Real Penis


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