Beauty in all forms


DOLLCOCO has released a new range of ball jointed dolls and I am in love!  I was never one for dolls in RL, until I shown the world of BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls) by someone close to me and I was amazed at just how huge the community of doll collectors is.  Not to mention the quality of the dolls out there and the detail that goes into them.  The DOLLCOCO dolls are no exception.  There is so much thought put into these to make them look as close to the real things as possible.

Beauty in all forms

The new ones can be found by visiting the store and taking the TP at the landing point.  There are a few new heads to choose from and a heap of accessories with new ones still to come.  The Bat Wings are a free gift so even if you don’t want a doll but want some neat wings – they work with regular avatars too!

Beauty in all forms

There is an add on pack for the awesome monster hands and feet.  The hands have two options with a closed fist and a more open one and the feet, OMG I love them!  When you purchase the head you want you’ll find a few different options too.  There is a closed eye version and open eye.  Then there are open mouth and non open mouth.  I got the one with the vampire teeth so obviously there was extra teeth included in that pack.

Head: DOLLCOCO – COCO Doll Head 001V (Mesh) *New*
Body: DOLLCOCO – COCO Doll Body (Mesh) *New*
Hands & Feet: DOLLCOCO – COCO Doll MonsterLimbs Dark (Mesh) *New*
Wings: DOLLCOCO – COCO Doll FreeGift BatWings (Mesh) *New*
Hair: Discord Designs – Donna
Outfit: Susemaus Beck Station – S. Beck Outfit Pearl
Poses: exposeur – Flarn *Pose Fair Gacha Pack*


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