Fantasy Faire – Ankle Biter and United InshCon


Fantasy Faire is finally open!  I walked through the sims yesterday and all I can say is WOW.  You really need to go see for yourself.  Follow the trail and walk through all ten sims and try not to get lost, like I did, when you enter The DragonSpire.  If only I had a little guide to help me sniff my way out like this adorable little rideable fox for petites from United InshCon.  He’s so cute and small and great for petites that like to have rideables to get around.

Fantasy Faire - Ankle Biters

Todays post is all about the petites.  Yuna Yuadl couldn’t find things that she wanted to wear when she became a petite so she decided to start making her own and in turn opened her little store, Ankle Biters.  Her outfits certainly are full of attachments too.  The Hunter outfit for the boys comes with everything you see in this, and more!  There’s a little curly tail with a vulture perched on it and a pet chameleon to sit on your shoulder. Items not show include a pair of ankle biters teeth, a tiny camera hud to help you see better when walking around and little pointy ears.

Fantasy Faire - Ankle Biters

The Fairytale outfits come in both a black and a white option, again with a stack of attachments.  There’s a little lace crown and lace mask, necklace, arm and ankle bands and wings and antennae. There’s also the camera hud and ankle biter teeth as well as little twinkle lights and butterflies that hover around you and of course the ears and tail.

Fantasy Faire - Ankle Biters

Fantasy Faire will be having a hunt this year unlike others in the past where you first collect a gift from all the stores and then the later part of it is an immersible story, HUD driven experience.  Ankle Biters Hunt item is a cute little Dragonfly outfit.  With glowy wings and antenna and a little glowy orb dangling from the tail it’s almost a firefly.

Pic 1
Avatar: Yabusaka – Male Petite Mesh Avatar 2
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Orion Petite Mesh Hair
Outfit: Ankle Biter – Petite Hunter *Fantasy Faire – Magnificat Sim*
Fox: United InshCon – Rideable Fox for Petites *Fantasy Faire – Ravenshard Sim*
Pose: Infiniti – M Basic #12
Pic 2
Avatar: Fallen Gods – PETITES Royale Rose
Hair: Tameless – Bethany Petite in Black and White
Eyes: That Chick – Petites Prim Eyes – Blue
Outfit: Ankle Biter – Petite Fairytale in Black and White *Fantasy Faire – Magnificat Sim*
Pose: !bang – mini series – overcome #5
Pic 3
Avatar: Fallen Gods – PETITES Royale Rose
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Monique Petite Mesh Hair
Eyes: That Chick – Petites Prim Eyes – Blue
Outfit: Ankle Biter – Dragonfly Hunt Gift *Fantasy Faire*


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