Fantasy Faire – Lemon Tea

Fantasy Faire is a fundraiser in SL raising money to go towards the RL fundraising efforts of Relay for Life.  Raising money to go towards finding a cure, funding for new medical equipment and raising awareness of a a disease that kills so many every year – Cancer.  It is with a sad heart that I do this post today as an Australian music icon has passed away at the young age of 53 from a battle with Breast Cancer.  Rest In Peace Chrissy Amphlett. Thank you for all the music, at least your pain is no longer and you are in a better place.  You will be missed by many.

Fantasy Faire - Lemon Tea Pic 1

I put together this look as a sort of guardian angel leading the way to heaven for Chrissy.  Lemon Tea and Two Cats One Cup both share the same stall at Fantasy Faire and have the most amazing items as their RFL Donation items.  The horns look so delicate the way they are intricately woven to a point and the earrings tie in with the horns the way they carefully weave an outer holding for the soft centre bauble.  The wings aren’t your usual feather mass like others in SL and are very magical looking with the semi transparency.  I added in the tail for something different, because I always like to think outside the box.  This mesh tail is fully animated and controlled simply by clicking it.  You can pose it to certain sides have it swish one way or the other or even both or simply have it still.

Fantasy Faire - Lemon Tea Pic 2

Skin: Belleza – Ava Fair
Hair: ploom – Sha (Mesh)
Eyes: DAMNED – Ain’t Me Eyes
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Feet: SLink – Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Earrings: Two Cats One Cup – Elixir Earring (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Evensong Sim*
Horns: Lemon Tea – Filum Horns (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Evensong Sim*
Wings: Lemon Tea – Aithein Wings (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Evensong Sim*
Tail: Lemon Tea – Drakodamonen Tail (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Evensong Sim*
Outfit: Angelwing – Adorabelle (includes crown and staff)
Pose from the staff


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