Fantasy Faire – UnZipped and Decadent Courtesan


Today’s Fantasy Faire post is again about the Petites.  I fell in love with them when they were first released onto the grid so it was great that I was able to play around in them for a little while with all these fabulous new petite offerings for RFL.

Fantasy Faire - UnZipped

This gorgeous little creature was a magical find indeed.  While wandering the Crimson Fields I stumbled into UnZipped and spotted a mesh spinal attachment that I just *must have* so I nabbed it immediately, without even looking around at the other items on offer.  The creator behind UnZipped, Destany Laval, happened to be out wandering herself and seeing my purchase was kind enough to send me an IM and alert me to the fact there was a full avatar AND a petite version.  She even popped back to her store to change outfits ad show me the petite version herself. It was one of those OMG MUST HAVE IT moments as soon as I saw the cuteness of it for myself.

Fantasy Faire - Decadent Courtesan

Decadent Courtesan is a duo of sisters working together to provide not only items for human sized avatars but also petites.  The cute little mesh cog pants are flared and highwaisted; they made me feel a little hippy-ish and cute hehe.  The furniture Riven created is scaled to size for the petites and each comse with various sitting positions for both males and females.

Pic 1
Avatar: UnZipped – Drache Female Avatar Petite *Fantasy Faire – Crimson Fields Sim*
Accessories: UnZipped – Drache Female Avatar Accessories *Fantasy Faire – Crimson Fields Sim*
Poses: ILAYA – Attitude #2 & #4
Pic 2
Avatar: Fallen Gods – PETITES Royale Translucent
Hair: Tameless – Isabelle Hair
Eyes: Painfully Divine – PETITE Orchard Eyes
Top: Zanzibar creationZ – PETITES Lazy Dayz Sweater
Pants: Decadent Courtesan – Petite Cog Pants *Fantasy Faire – Magnificat Sim*
Furniture: Decadent Courtesan – Petite 2 Seat Table, Petite Riven’s Low Couch and Petite Riven’s Tall Chair *Fantasy Faire – Magnificat Sim*


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