Fantasy Faire – Dwarfins


I thought I would continue my trend of little avatars today with another Fantasy Faire post.  Now would be a great time to go visit the sims of Fantasy Faire.  The mad rush of the first few days has been and gone so you’re able to wander around without too much lag and check out the work that has gone into making the sims more than just a shopping experience.

Fantasy Faire - Dwarfins Pic 1

These Dwarfin avatars are so freaking cute!  I first became aware of Dwarfins when i did the breedables hunt at the end of last year and I spotted this tiny little dwarf running around with an axe in his hand. I was mad obsessed with Kittycats at the time or I probably would have bought the whole store and bred a little army of dwarves.  But these are actual avatars!!!  Perfect for those that Role Play and want a more realistic dwarf avatar.  If you’re feeling like you want to look a bit different for the others you can also mix and match attachments.  The belts, hair, hats and all the little battle weapons they carry are all interchangeable between avatars.

Fantasy Faire - Dwarfins Pic 2

Pic 1
Avatar: Dwarfins – Enchantress Avatar (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Lumenaria Sim*
Avatar: Dwarfins – Wizard Avatar (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Lumenaria Sim*
Pose: Frooti – Carnival Masquerade #1
Pic 2
Avatar: Dwarfins – One of a Kind Rinn Rockbeard (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Lumenaria Sim*
Avatar: Dwarfins – One of a Kind Rorek Rockbeard (Mesh) *Fantasy Faire – Lumenaria Sim*
Pose: Lazy Places – Run Unisex


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