Seven Days of Memes – My SL Pet Peeves


I’m on my second to last post of my Seven Days of Memes and today it’s My SL Pet Peeves.  Some of my pet peeves are RL pet peeves but they carry over to SL to an extent.  Before I get into my peeves writing I just want to point out that I have on some awesome goodies from this years upcoming World Goth Fair.  I will be starting my official posting for this shortly but I have started sneaking in previews to my posts, just like todays =)

Seven Days of Memes - My SL Pet Peeves

In no particular order of annoyance, my top 5 SL Pet Peeves are:

FACELIGHTS – Yeah this is probably a given to a lot of people.  I used to be a bitch about it to be honest.  if I was standing in a store or something and all of a sudden I was a deer in the headlights I’d sprout off something like “Holy Bright Facelight Batman” in local chat.  Most of the time the person who was wearing the hideous attachment just ignored me, walked away or TP’d out.  Now however, if I am assaulted by the blinding lights I usually say “Who has the facelight of doom that should have stayed back in 2004?  I’d like to derender you” This is usually in the case of being in a crowd of people.  It usually also causes the other person to become ‘oh so tough on the interwebs’ and start hurtling abuse at me for being rude and ignorant and blah blah blah.  Ignorance is playing Second Life and not knowing what your windlights are for.  You don’t need glowy balls of doom hovering around your body putting you on constant spotlight status.  It just washes you out and makes you look ridiculous really.

TOUGH TALK – I referenced it in the above peeve, but what I don’t get is people being all “If you touch my GF I’ll hunt you down and hurt you and your family”.  Really?!?!?!  Do you need to advertise to the rest of us that you are probably some whimpy teenager in his mothers basement pretending to be some big tough macho man?  Because that is the impression it gives me when people start talking like that.  Yes I have been known to throw out a few cuss words and get mouthy if I am pissed off but there is a huge difference between getting mouthy and being a dick.  People that have these kind of statements in their profiles, I usually avoid like the plague.

LANDING ZONE AFK – It may seem like such a simple thing but it really annoys the crap out of me when I TP in to some place and there is someone just standing there in the spot they landed.  Which then leaves me flipping around in circles on their head and sometimes stuck there until they either move or I TP out.  If you need to rez before you move or suddenly have to AFK, just take a step forward FFS.  It takes two seconds to press down on the arrow keys and move a couple of steps in any direction.  You aren’t going to magically fall into an abyss of nothingness if you step away from the landing spot.

SPELLING LAZINESS – I know that different parts of the world spell things differently and I get that, but what I really get peeved at is when I am talking to someone and they type my name Aurora.  It’s clearly on the screen next to the words I am typing, do you see a “U” in it?  Once as a slip up/typo because that’s how you might have seen it elsewhere, but to do it repeatedly is just rude to me.  It would be like me calling you Bob if your name was Bill.  Another one that gets me ticked off is my store name.  I deliberately have capital lets in places and spelled it ‘wrong’ for a reason.  I even shorten it on my products with the ‘Z’ but yet I see people type it as Zanzibar Creations.  no People.  the c is lower case and there is a capital Z at the end not a lower case s.  Look at my logo, my store information, my blog, my picks, my products, my MP store; EVERYTHING that has my store name on it is clearly printed as either Zanzibar creationZ or ZcZ for short.

UNADJUSTED PRIMS/MISFITTING MESH – It used to just be unadjusted prims that would make me want to slap people.  I thought with the introduction of mesh that it would stop but people are still wearing things that just do not fit them.  If someone else can notice it surely you can notice it on yourself?  I kind of wish SL had an option to adjust prims on other people.  I think I would make a job out of it though.  Just TPing around the grid and accosting random people and fixing them.  Oh and I’d probably include colour matching prim body parts like boobs, ears, feet and hands.  With most things coming out with appliers it is starting to lesson the mismatched skin tones out there though. I’ve seen some mesh lately though where the wearer has obviously tried to pair up a top and a bottom from two different stores and they don’t exactly blend well or fit together.  But instead of finding something else they just wore them anyway with mesh sticking into mesh and looking horrible.

Skin: Faerycat Designs – Ice Age (Comes with SLink appliers for hands and feet and Lolas Tango appliers) *World Goth Fair Preview*
Hair: Alice Project – Disna (Mesh)
Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Chloral Eyes – curse blue *World Goth Fair Preview*
Lipstick: Faerycat Designs – Colourbox Lips – Red Lined 5 *World Goth Fair Preview*
Necklace: lassitude & ennui – Macabre necklace (Mesh) *World Goth Fair Preview*
Dress: :{MV}: – Isabella Dress (Mesh) *World Goth Fair Preview*
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Manicure: Zanzibar creationZ – Pearled Dark Manicure
Pose: GLITTERATI – Wild #4


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