Seven Days of Memes – My Three SL Wishes


My seven days of memes has reached it’s end.  It’s been interesting looking back over past years through SL answering some of Strawberry’s questions over various memes.  I’m ending the meme week with some wishes; My Three SL Wishes to be precise.  Then I will be getting stuck into blogging the World Goth Fair which opens tomorrow and I am so excited.

Seven Days of Memes - My Three SL Wishes

Wish 1 – Better Avatar Shaping Controls.  I love curvy shapes.  Some people in SL make some really fantastic curvy shapes for themselves but I always cringe when I see the skinny ankles and knobbly knees.  Not to mention the square boobs for those that have larger sized SL Avatar boobs and not the mesh ones.  I would really love to be able to control the shape a whole lot more to make it more even when making a larger shape.

Wish 2 – Prim Allocation on Land Separation.  It’s one thing I have always despised when owning sims and dividing up the land into parcels. I wish there was a way we could allocate what amount of prims from the sim we wanted to a specific parcel instead of the sim just allocating some weird random number based on the size of the parcel.  It’s annoying when you want just a small parcel but to allow a larger number of prims than 70 so in order to get say 300 prims you have to keep increasing the size of the land to get it.

Wish 3 – Lower Cost of Purchasing a Sim.  The initial cost of buying the sim to start with is what stops me purchasing one for myself.  I have always rented from others and I have had some pretty shitty luck in the past with people up and leaving SL and not paying their tier even though I had been transferring Lindens to them for my ‘rent’, or coming to me one day and saying, you have to leave now I want to use that sim and just booting me, and the people that rented with me, from the sim without much warning.  I think if the initial cost of purchasing your first sim was a little lower so many more people would buy sims.

Skin: alanoctis – Un | 066
Hair: TRUTH – Chyna (Mesh)
Eyes: Beautiful Freak – Chloral Eyes – goblin green *World Goth Fair Preview*
Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes – Magnificia
Lipstick: Pink Fuel – INK LipGloss (teeth)
Jewellery: lassitude & ennui – Macabre circlet (Mesh) *World Goth Fair Preview*


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