Bald, Naked and Unable to Shop


I recently voiced my opinion in regards to the Home and Garden Expo allowing a store to sell IP Infringement materials at their event (which, after all the drama and rather public boo and hiss from many people, was removed) and had a few words to say in certain plurks that were floating around.  Shortly after that blog post I was passed a notecard in world that read –

“Hello guys…. 

I have some problems with *ionic* store because I am a thief and bad person… even I deserve go to jail.
Yes.. that is what is going on all around plurk, blogs etc…. Elysium Hynes, Cyclic Gearz, Amelie knelstrom, Arora Zanzibar are one of the persons who started this.

But let me tell you, that I never pretended to steal making posters or tees of indie bands. I just wanted to bring those bands to people, as I play those covers on my live band ENGRAMA.
Also all the drawings on wall’s houses, on cabinets or frames… are collages mixing my own drawings and graphic design with part of other drawings I found over there. When you use just a part of a piece and mix it with other parts from different pieces, you create a new piece, and this is called collage in art concept. 

I know I maybe used some images like the tees that are obviously not collages… but I never pretenede to be a thief and steal money to Sonic Youth, Joy Division etc… My reason to make those tee bands was that lot of pple was asking me ” hey lakua make indie bands tees”

Without even talk to me, the owner of Lazy Sunday ejected me from her group. And one thing you should know is that we used to talk often… because she is also blogger of my event The Chapter Four, and seemed to be so nice with me… until she ejecte me and some friend sent me a link of plurk and I realized what kind of person she is.

She even made joke about my RL economy situation (wich is private part of my life and nobody has to know if I am poor or not) They said that is not excuse to be a thief and well… they start making pression on Home & Garden owners and they also kick me out just today. 

The owner of Home & Garden didnt want to eject me (I have chat IM but I never share private conversations)
But as those pple didnt stop bothering her it was the best to do for a Charity event….

Anyway… from today, I removed all the indie band posters, frames, tees, blazers… everything is out. Now all the images you will find are totally mine or with artist permision wich are RL friends.
We didnt made this because we are afraid or we feel we are a thief… we make this because we realized we can have an amazing store also without any images…. so in some way I am thanks for this because now I am selling my RL pics (cause I am RL photographer) and my graphic designs and the ones of my friends too.

I offered my friends an exchange… I sell their stuff as drawings or desings and I drop a NC on the item so pple can visit the blog or website of this art. 

I am so sorry if you feel disapointed of *ionic* but I insist my reasson to use indie bands was just to pple know those bands and enjoy having a poster from their fav bands on their houses. I never made it thinking I am making something ilegal… I thought If you create a new images with a lot of images, this becomes a unique image. But maybe Im wrong….

I just wanted to share with all of you because I feel so attack everywhere and I need my group know what is going on.

Thanks so much for all the support! If you missed the indie stuff, I am giving all the items for free: blazers, tees, posters… I will drop all on a box and I think im not breaking law if I gift my group those stuff…. 

** btw…. I will start a new *ioni* sale one sunday at month called “happy sunday” and I will sell a item for 74L$. This is not a event.. is just a presonal store sale, and yes… I make this cause I dont need to be on lazy sunday… also I know lot of pple is expecting ionic item because I always give cool things and work hard on the item. 

I just wander… how many stores uses images from google or logos… and the question… I am stoling money to “fender” company by selling a pixel guitar who doesnt make any sound? 
I saw in many cute flickrs pics with mac iphones etc… 

And so.. what about my band?? I play Bjork covers, Radiohead, The Cure…. should I call them? and… DJ’s in SL??? (wich are the 90% of SL pple) I just make this questions in my head.

Thanks for those who really supported me and those who really know who am I. 

hugs…. Lakua”

I just shook my head at the well everyone else does it attitude, not to mention “I was asked to”.  So I guess if everyone starts jumping off cliffs or sticking their head in a fire pit we should all follow?  Just because you see someone in SL selling stolen/IP Infringement content does not make it ok for you to do it too.

So here is my new dilemma.  Lakua is the organiser behind the monthly event Chapter Four.  An event I like to visit and shop at (from the stores that offer original content) and I’ve found some great new to me stores through this event.  But because I had the nerve to voice my disgust in her blatant theft I have no been banned from the parcel and cannot shop there.  I understand her having having a hissy fit at me and being pissed off, why wouldn’t she be I made a public spectacle of her.  But she’s now stopping other businesses at that event in getting sales because I’m not the only one that spoke out about her that has been banned from there. *applauds* Well done Lakua.  Way to stop others getting business because you fucked up and got publicly ridiculed for it.

Bald, Naked & Unable to Shop

I managed to fly up to the height of the event skydome/platform and cam across and of course there are items that I want to buy, but because of being banned I can’t even cam shop from a neighbouring parcel/sim.  So I sit here bald and naked and pleading to the stores that are in the event to release the items afterwards so that you aren’t penalised because of Lakua’s actions and those of us that have been banned because of recent situations can purchase your items *crosses fingers*

Skin: ploom – Harlowe Gemi *Zodiac Gemini*
Hairbase: MADesigns Hair – Tintable Hair Base ~ Tribe 8
Eyes: Dead Apples – Thunder Eyes – Undead *The Arcade*
Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Breasts: Deviant – Lush Breasts (Mesh)
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Feet: SLink – Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Pose: exposeur – Top Model Accessorize – Jessica


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