SL Disney Bound – Week 19, Aurora


I was at a bit of a cross roads on this photo.  I detest the colour pink so it was kind of a no brainer that I wouldn’t wear Aurora’s pink dress (especially since I had to wear one for Anastasia).  Blue is my favourite colour so I could have just gone ahead with that but I had already done blue in the previous post. Then a little thought struck me, Natalee mentions that Aurora has two dresses in the movie – but she actually has three! AH HAAA.  There is the brown/black/ultra drab dress she wears when walking through the forest singing with the birds.  Sorry Natalee, but I decided to go outside of the blue or pink option and wear her brown one instead 😛

SL DIsney Bound - Week 19, Aurora

Skin: Glam Affair – Leah Light 01
Hair: Clawtooth – Dear Heart
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius – Triablue
Dress: Wishbox – Fairest Maiden II
Pose & Prop: Bounce This Poses – Birdy Gacha #1


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