AndrogyMe – A Bloggers Challenge

I’ve been noticing a trend with the mesh of late, and that is most womens tops have a large bust area and the butt is huge.  Not all of us have huge boos and ass.  It got me thinking so I went in search of some not so boobtastic or asstastic clothes and I didn’t really find anything I liked.  A lot of the unisex bottoms were the low riding, poop catching saggy type that seems to be the current phase of SL fashion.  This then lead me to wonder how the gender neutral / fembois / butch girls / androgynous avvies of SL find what they are looking for.  Sure you can just wear system layer pants and not have a bubble butt.  Or wear a system layer shirt and have a flat chest.  But for those of us mesh fanatics, it just doesn’t cut it.  So I’m issuing a blog challenge.  Show me your best androgynous / gender neutral / femboi / tomboy – whatever you want to call it – look.  Show me some fashions that you love that don’t have a huge ass and hips and boobs from here to kingdom come.  I would love to learn of some stores that have items to suit these looks that I perhaps didn’t know about before hand.

Bloggers Challenge - AndrogyMe Pic 1

I went a little step further with my look and I actually purchased a male skin to wear on my female shape.  Tableau Vivant is perfect for such a look.  The skins are masculine enough when worn on a male avvie, but on a female shape with the right clothing it looks super hot!  The ads aren’t over done like a lot of muscle bound skins for guys and the face isn’t covered in facial hair.  Obviously wearing midriff tops is a bit touch and go depending on where you get them from as the nipples on the male skin sit lower than females but I really love the Andrej skin on me at the moment.  And as a bit of a bonus Tableau Vivant are having a store wide sale at the moment with most items 50% to 75% off.  I didn’t catch the date of it closing but if you want some great savings I suggest a quick visit.

Bloggers Challenge - AndrogyMe Pic 2

As part of my look for this post I was determined to find at lease one top and pants that were mesh that suited what I was trying to achieve.  Another store that is having a sale on at the moment is Sn@tch.  But hurry it ends today.  But I managed to find a complete outfit called Mesh West Side.  It came with a shirt and jacket and a pair of cute shorts.  The shorts don’t have a huge ass and the hips are actually narrower than most.  I typically wear a medium in meshes and don;t have to alter my hips whereas I had to slim them down a little to fit into these so they were ideal for my AndrogyMe look.  The Jacket and shirt, while it does have boobs, is well hidden behind the jacket and the way Ivey has done her texturing on the undershirt it has eliminated the boob creasing and shadowing to give it a more flat chested look.

* Edit – apologies for the weird aura around my avvie.  it only happens on certain windlights I use and I hadn’t used this one in a while and forgot.  I had already logged out prior to getting my pics ready so didn’t see it until too late and couldn’t be bothered dressing and taking photos again =/

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Andrej
Hair: COLORS – Free_E (Hair Fair 2013 Gift)
Eyes: Dead Apples – Lumiere Blue
Top: Sn@tch – Mesh West Side Jacket
Pants: Sn@tch – Bomber Latex Pants *New Release*
Shoes: Fashionably Dead – Bossy Boots (Mesh)
Pose: Infiniti – M. Basic # 10

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Andrej
Hair: COLORS – Free_E (Hair Fair 2013 Gift)
Eyes: Dead Apples – Lumiere Blue
Top: Cupcakes – The Bandeau
Pants: Sn@tch – Sierra Jean Shorts from Mesh West Side Outfit (Mesh)
Shoes: Lua Designs – Basic Sneakers
Pose: ImpEle – Proud Male # 11


27 Comments Add yours

  1. Darkley Aeon says:

    It’s a constant battle for me to find stuff with small chests, the trend is larger, larger, larger and it’s getting harder if anything

  2. Rwah says:

    I adore this challenge and if I can find the time ill make sure to make a picture with it. Thank you for doing it but even more thank you for making me feel I am not the only one thinking the world has gone mad with over the top boobs and bums.

  3. Not so much with the tomboy, but you might find some useful bits of androgyny here: –Thank you for the challenge, very much!!

  4. I have been playing with Androgyny lately with a more masculine touch for a female. I will try to blog about it and see if I cannot get some pictures but you may want to check out Pink Fuel for skins that are still androgynous but female applicable too. Mochi has some add on layers and when i could not find what I needed for my RP character that is far from the Lola end of the spectrum as you can get? She combined things for me.

  5. Laoma Aeon says:

    here is mine a very good idea i love it

  6. Becky says:

    Good idea for a blog challenge. I kind of cheated and didn’t write a new post because I dress up as a guy weekly for my production of Romeo + Juliet. Here I am as Romeo: I find the Hoorenbeek mesh suits hang very well on a woman’s shape.

  7. aman4allseasonssl says:

    What a fun challenge, Arora! Here’s my take on it –
    Cheers, Moz 🙂

  8. emilymarik says:

    I tried and failed on this challenge, but it definitely made me think. I learned my style is a lot like Potter Stewart once defined pornography: I may not be able to define it, but I know it when I see it:

  9. SD says:

    Great post! I wrote (okay, more like I bitched) about the lack of non-gender-biased mesh clothing a couple of weeks back ( ] so your opening paragraph struck a chord.

    I’m andro more often than I’m not, so this is a very typical look for me:

  10. Wanted to do this challenge for a long time already Finely I boyed myself up

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