Logo and Map from Enchantment

Enchantment is a land where dreams come true.  The sim itself has been laid out like a magical wonderland full of goodies from some truly amazing creators.  My Snow White and the Seven Dwarves blog post is put together from The Plastik and Dwarfins.


The Plastik has made a beautiful Snow White Mesh dress/ensemble.  There are two version (Formal shown) and both are brightly coloured in red, blue and yellow with the casual dress a short mini style with thigh high boots.

Enchantment - The Line Up

Dwarfins is a breedable brand that I think is just amazing.  I covered this brand earlier this year and I had so much fun playing with the little dwarves.  Not only can you get breedable dwarves to roam around your land (shown in casket picture) but you can also get fully rigged avatars (shown in line up).  The casket is an interactive item for the breedables and if you leave it sitting around the dwarves run up and interact with it.  As you can see the female dwarf was keeping a close eye on Snow White.  The avatars are just as adorable with 7 cute guys available at Enchantment.

(Dwarfin avatars are not actual height shown in bottom picture.  This was made with shrunken photos for a fun effect on the background)

Snow White –
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Artic
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Rene (Mesh) *FaMESHed*
Hair Accessory: Half-Deer – Poison-laced Hair Comb
Eyes: Dead Apples – Lumiere Blue
Lipstick: Pink Fuel – Elly Cosmetics – Glam Lipstick/Teeth (Cherry)
Outfit: The Plastik – Enchanted Snow White Formal (Mesh) *Enchantment Event*
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Mani / Pedi: SongBird – Slink Nails – Gloss Tipped Matte
Pose: Infiniti – Handy 4

Casket and Dwarves in Forest –
Dwarfins – Interactive Glass Casket *Enchantment Event*
Dwarfins – Starter Female & Male
Two Moon Gardens – Under the Branches

Line Up –
Dwarfins Male Bob Rigged Avatar  *Enchantment Event*   Pose:  Juxtapose – The City 2 (Male)
Dwarfins Male Flouncy Rigged Avatar *Enchantment Event*   Pose: Exposeur – Fashuneestoh 2
Dwarfins Male Frumpy Rigged Avatar *Enchantment Event*   Pose: Exposeur – Fashuneestoh 8
Dwarfins Male Lumpy Rigged Avatar *Enchantment Event*    Pose: Exposeur – Garrett
Dwarfins Male Slappy Rigged Avatar *Enchantment Event*    Pose: !bang homme – stand 021
Dwarfins Male Tipsy Rigged Avatar *Enchantment Event*    Pose: Posemaster – Balance 2
Dwarfins Male Woozy Rigged Avatar *Enchantment Event*     Pose: Juxtapose – The City 2 (Male)


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