The Lodge

I don’t tend to use a house in SL any more.  I used to always insist on having one set up on my sim to log in and out of and for having friends over and such now I just TP people to my photo deck or my warehouse where I’m usually bald, naked, wearing odd mismatched clothing layers or even a man.  I don’t venture far from my little work areas, unless of course it is to go shopping, which is exactly what I did today.

The Lodge 1

I traipsed around the grid getting new skins and mesh body parts and shoes glorious shoes.  But I’ll get to those in a minute.  First off I want to show you guys this gorgeous little cabin.  It;s made me want to have a house on my sim again just so I have a different wall texture to look at once in a while =)  The Watchers Cabin is so adorably cute and comes in three colours.  It’s quaint yet bold at the same time, you can pick up your very own from The Garden – The Lodge when it opens on October 15th.

The Lodge 2

Of course with a new house must come new furniture.  Also available from The Garden – The Lodge this round is a lounge setting from Culprit.  Each piece is purchasable on their own so you can pick and choose what you want instead of having to clutter your inventory with a folder full of a setting you want just one piece from.  The wingback chair comes in a plain texture as well as the plaid one shown here and both come with a stack of poses for chilling out and getting comfy.  The bear rug, as freaky as it, it’s just ahhhmazing.  I’m not normally an animal skin rug kinda gal but I couldn’t pass this one up.  And to tie in with my rug I have the Momma Bear plaques from Standby Inc – again available at The Garden – The Lodge.

The Lodge 3

My outfit today is primarily Collabor88 new releases for this month.  With the exception of the Golding Coat from coldLogic.  This weeks releases from coldLogic are just to die for. This jacket comes with an optional underlayer skirt that just peeks out the bottom of the coat.  So you can wear with or without.  The goggles I’m wearing in the last pack are included as a human version in the squirrel packs from Ohmai.  These little critters are just too cute for words.

Arora –
Skin: Essences – Song
Hair: Clawtooth – Heart Attack and Vine (Mesh) *Collabor88 November*
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Black
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – London Time (Mesh) *Collabor88 November*
Goggles: !Ohmai – Steampunk Squirrel Goggles (Mesh) *Collabor88 November*
Jacket: coldLogic – Golding Coat (Mesh) *New Release*
Pants: Color.Me.H.O.F – Mesh Leather Pants *Collabor88 November*
Shoes: – Amelia Heels (Mesh) *Collabor88 November*
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Feet: SLink – Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet (Mesh)
Manicure: Orc Inc. – Goth Gloss Tips
Poses: HopScotch – Matryoshka (Standing) #1 & #3

Pets –
!Ohmai – Steampunk Albino Squirrel (Mesh) *Collabor88 November*
!Ohmai – Steampunk Gray Squirrel (Mesh) *Collabor88 November*
House and Furniture –
The Loft – Watcher’s Cabin (Mesh) *The Garden – The Lodge*
Culprit – Old Country Wingback (Mesh) *The Garden – The Lodge*
Culprit – Gun Cabinet (Mesh) *The Garden – The Lodge*
Culprit – Fuzzy Bear Rug (Mesh) *The Garden – The Lodge*
Standby Inc. – Momma Bear (Mesh) *The Garden – The Lodge*


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