Never Too Late


Just a simple LOTD type post today.  Vinny and I were playing around in our Doll COCO Avvies.

Never Too Late
On Her –
Hair: Ploom – Heart (Mesh)
Head: *COCO* – Doll_Head_002A (Mesh)
Body: *COCO* – Doll_Body (Mesh)
Dress: *COCO* – Doll_HalterCorsetDress (Mesh)
Piercings: *COCO* – Doll_CorsetPiercingLegs (Mesh)

On Him –
Hair: † MONSTER † – ..~Sparrow~.. (HEAVILY Modified)
Head: *COCO* -_Doll_Head_002B(Light) (Mesh)
Body: *COCO* – Doll_Male_Body (Mesh)
Arms & Legs: *COCO* -_Doll_MonsterLimbs_Dark (Mesh)
Kilt: **Box-Set Roquez T.E.D. /BLK
Tail: [Gauze] – Yokai – Tail – Naturals
Horns: [][]Trap[][] – Obsidian Crown
Wings: [Gauze] – Anguls Mortis – Wings
Ears: :GAUGED: – Elven Ear[Tunnel]

Pose: exposeur – Almost Lover  (modified using Avimote due tot he dolls joints sitting a little different to human avatars)

Listening to:


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