New Things, Oh My

Gothmas by Gaslight is coming to SLtown once again and I have to say I am uber excited.  There’s two sims chock full of awesome creations that I just don’t know where to start.  It doesn’t open until 12 noon on December 15th so I can’t give you a SLURL just yet but stay tuned I’ll be posting more reviews later with a SLURL.  I just had to give you a teaser though so in my first pic I have the cutest cameo choker on from la petite morte and awesome ruby red lipstick with black liner from Beautiful Freak.  I love this lipstick so much it’s probably going to be a new favourite/must have on at all times.

New Things, Oh My

Todays post is focusing on the store Ducknipple.  I wanted to show off some of the latest winter jackets for guys and girls but I added a twist and decided to do my guys shot a little bit andro instead.  That’s the good thing about the clothing from Ducknipple, the textures aren’t overly gender biased on the clothing so if you want to ‘drag’ it up – GO FOR IT!  The ladies trenchcoat also comes with spikey studs that you can add on to the sleeves if you want more of a rebellious look but I left them off for today.  It’s a nice length that if you wanted to wear just the jacket for a bit more a sexy look, it still covers all the bits necessary.  I teamed it up with a latest release pair of boots also from Ducknipple.  The hud for these allows you to not only change to a variety of boot colour options but you can have a black rubber sole or wooden.

New Things, Oh My

The guys jacket, I think, looks sexy on a girls frame.  If you can handle not having boobs or much of a waist line then I say be daring and wear it.  There is a hud for the jacket to be able to change the vest, tie and the jacket all individually so there are MANY different colour combinations.  Because it’s made for the guys there isn’t much room to layer pants underneath or have a nice curvy butt, but if you just wear a size smaller it fits under nicely.  Just like the pant/boot combo I have on, which is also a recent release from Ducknipple.
Skin: Essences – Wednesday II
Hair: MINA Hair – Noor (Mesh)  *New Release*
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Evening
Eye Makeup: Pin Me Down – Tili in black
Lipstick: Beautiful Freak – Poisoned Candy *Gothmas by Gaslight*
Choker: la petite morte – Gothic Victorian Choker (Mesh) *Gothmas by Gaslight*
Jacket: Ducknipple – Potlood – Trenchcoat (Mesh)
Stockings: blowpop – Seamed Fishnet Tights
Shoes: Ducknipple – Chipolata Boots (Mesh)
Pose: !bang – stand 354

Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Petal Edition – Edward
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Morgan Mesh Hair
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Black
Scar: Adore & Abhor – Payback Time
Jacket & Shirt: Ducknipple – Sjef Coat (Mesh)
Pants: Ducknipple – Sappy Legs (Mesh)
Pose: !bang – stand 336


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