Merry Christmas

Well it’s officially Christmas day here in Australia so Merry Christmas world *hugs you all*.  I was going to do just a quick LOTD post and include my present from my Secret SLanta then I decided to throw in a little bit more.  It’s a post with a difference but comes in mighty handy around this time of year with Secret SLantas gifting people they may not know.

Xmas 2

My Secret SLanta did not know me, until she sneakily added me on plurk a few weeks back and I was none the wiser that she was stalking me for information.  Sneaky Sneaky Miss Tribbs! But on the day she went to send me my gift, from the marketplace, she ran into a little bit of a hiccup that was only just realised today.  There is apparently another one of me floating around the SLUniverse, although it’s an empty profile so maybe a dead account. However there is ONE letter different in our names. I DON’T have a U in my first name.  Common mistake that I find a lot of Americans and Europeans make when typing my name.  Possibly just a common spelling for them.  Tribbs had gotten all excited that she found something I wanted and when MP said success and delivered it she thought nothing more.  Until she gave away the surprise of her being my Secret SLanta today and asked if I got my gift.  That’s when she noticed the spelling mistake.


I was going to give up on Secret SLanta after this year as the last two times I have not received a gift.  Third times a charm right!  But now it has dawned on me.  I wonder if those other times those people have gifted this other account?  Lesson of the day folks – double….nay….TRIPLE check that you have the spelling correct on the person you are sending something to.  All in all a big thank you to Tribbs for my cute new antlers.

Skin: Glam Affair – Neva – Horror Edition
Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Gaia (Mesh) *New Release*
Eyes: IKON – Destiny Eyes – Evening
Lashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Lipstick: Pink Fuel – INK Lipgloss
Antlers: UtopiaH – Dangerous Antlers (Mesh)
Outfit: Beauty Killer – X Ray
Hands: SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Boots: A & Y Bunker Cybershop – Deuz Boots Metallic (Mesh)
Poses: exposeur – Top Model Simone


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