I have to give a big thank you to Voshie Paine for sending me the links to these awesome avatar components.  What started out as looking into a possible new line of clothing for my store soon turned into me getting all lambed up and modding an avatar for a blog post.  I can’t complain though, this thing is just too damn adorable.

This avatar I put together is a mash up of the anime mesh head from Utilizator and the bod of the luddi lamb from Orange Nova.  Now the luddi lamb head itself is very cute and comes with so many options to customise the emotions and look just to suit yourself but when you put the anime head on this cute little chibi looking body of the lamb it just falls into place so well.  Another great little plus about this avatar is that you can freely download the textures from if you want to customise your avatar yourself.  Or as a content creator you can make customised mods to suit. That is just what Underneath The Acorn Tree has done!  The textures on the body shown here are a body mod called female lamb and they come in a range of different colours as well as fluffy legs or or shaved legs. Modding the avatar is as simple as rezzing out the parts you want to customise, dragging the modded textures you have either made or purchased onto the body part, rename it and pick it back up. The options are endless for this little avatar.

Lambilicious Blog

Included in the basic package when you purchase the lamb are a top and pants for both guys and girls.  They have a standard black texture with the Orange Nova logo on them but again, there are stores out there that can grab the textures for these mesh clothing attachments and make mods for them.  It’s just the same as modding the avatar pieces: rez, slap on a new texture, rename and pick up.  As you can see I have a cute little bikini on; this was a standard white bikini from Zee Kat that I just tinted.

Lambilicious Blog

The anime head  comes with a HUD that has many different functions.  Took me a bit to get my head around it due to it’s colour and opacity and lack of directions; but after clicking all the things I soon worked out what did what.  You’re able to change the size of the eyes as well as the shape, control the eyelids if you want them wide open, semi closed or shut.  There are three different eyebrow heights and a stack of different mouth options.  For those that want to go just a little bit further you can also choose from a variety of blush options, tears welling up in the eyes or streaming down the cheeks as well.  You can change the colour of the eyes and skin via the hud as well so it really does make it easy to fully customise the mesh head to suit whatever avatar you wish to wear it with.

Head: UTILIZATOR – M3 Mesh Anime Head 1.9.0
Body: Orange Nova – Luddi Lamb V2.0 (mesh) (includes ears, tail and horns)
Body Mod: Underneath The Acorn Tree – Female Lamb Dusty
Hair: TRUTH – Kenzie (mesh)
Outfit Mod: Zee Kat – Teeny Bikini
Pose: Bounce This Poses – Seductive #11, #12 & #13


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