Pretty Pretty Cactus

I found a new store the other day, and while it’s geared towards the furry peeps of Second Life I did find a few things that I will be using on my human self.  However I couldn’t pass up these adorable cactus ears and tail.  I wanted to put together an outfit with it and I felt like I had to do an outside my norm post.  So I went…

Pretty Pretty Cactus 1

The UTILIZATOR Kemono comes with a furry head, but I decided to team it up with an anime head I have from them as well.  The head is fully customisable with tinting and fantasy skin tones so it was easy to match it to the green of the Kemono body.  The hair comes free with the body pack (with an included hud to change to a variety of colours and streak options) as do the bra, socks and panties which you can find in a box called Bonus Items.  There is the option to have human feet and furry feet and it also comes with shoes.  For the cost of the product you sure do get your monies worth.

Pretty Pretty Cactus 2

Head:  UTILIZATOR – M3 Mesh Anime Head 1.9.0
Body:  UTILIZATOR – Kemono 1.4+  (mesh)
Hair:  UTILIZATOR – Kemono – Hair (mesh)
Ears & Tail:  Static – Prickly Pair (mesh)
Top:  UTILIZATOR – Kemono – Short Top (mesh)
Pants:  UTILIZATOR – Kemono Bonus Items – Kemono Panties (mesh)
Stockings:  UTILIZATOR – Kemono Bonus Items – Kemono Kneesocks (mesh)
Name Tag:  Static – Name Tag (mesh)
Pose:  !bang – homme #016  *The Mens Dept, Sept*


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