The Unseelie Macabre


The Unseelie Court consists of the darkly-inclined fairies.  Like the beings of the Seelie Court who are not always benevolent, neither are the fairies of the Unseelie Court always malevolent.

Most Unseelies can become fond of a particular human if they are viewed as respectful, and would choose to make them something of a pet.

Unseelie Macabre 1

It’s that time of year when all the creepy and deliciously macabre designs come to light.  The Seelie court, which runs through until Nov 10th, is full of Unseelie macabre items.  La Petite Morte has a lovely set of fades for hands and feet, which you can separately should you choose to, and it comes complete with SLink appliers. The November round of Uber is shaping up to be one hell of a wallet breaking event.  The theme, Macabre of course, is bringing out some truly devilishly dark sides of the creators involved.  One such creator being Mina of MINA Hair with her Jezebeth bloody hair (which comes in a guys versions *waggles eyebrows* for you guys with a love of long locks).

Unseelie Macabre 2
Skin:  La Petite Morte – India BLUEBEARD *Oct Group Gift*
Hair:  MINA Hair – Jezebeth (mesh)  *Uber – Macabre*
Eyes:  Dead Apples – Shattered – Fallen City
Eyelashes:  Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Blood Tattoos:  La Petite Morte – Bloody Tattoos
Lip Makeup:  Ama. – Rors Lips *Recent Release*
Arm & Leg Fade Tattoos:  La Petite Morte – Unseelie Queen Fades  *Seelie Court*
Bodysuit: F’N’Hawt – Bound Body Black
Finger Claws:  Zanzibar creationZ – Tipped Cap Claws (mesh)  *New Release*
Toe Claws:  SLink – Claw Nails Addon Female Flat (mesh)
Body:  SLink – Physique Mesh Body
Hands:  SLink – AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant (mesh)
Feet: SLink – Womens Natural Barefeet (mesh)
Poses:  Glitterati – React 4 and Wild 8


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