Cirque du Freak

Get your freak show on at Cirque De Seraphim!  Not only are you donating to the ASPCA by buying items at the event but OMG CIRCUS THEME!!!!!  How much more awesome can you get?!?!

Cirque du Freak 1

Fetch has a cute abandoned set and awesome little trapeze necklace.  The coaster chair comes with over a dozen different poses/animations to choose from and I love love love the grungey texturing.

Cirque du Freak 2

La Petite Morte has a special version of the Bonnie skin available.  It comes with the clown face already part of the skin but there are lso make up options that you can layer on as well.  The dotty make up is a unique half face make up, harlequinn comes in 9 different colours to chose from and the tattoo’d face adds a bit of fancy to your face. Make sure you stop by before the event ends on November 26.

Cirque du Freak 3

Skin: La Petite Morte – Bonnie Clown *Cirque De Seraphim*
Hair: Deviant Kitties (now ploom): Akuma (mesh)
Eyes: Random Matter – Fracture Eyes – Cobalt (mesh)
Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Necklace: [Fetch] – Trapeze Necklace (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Collar: Glam Affair – Embellished Ruffle Collar (mesh)
Body: *COCO* – Doll Body (mesh)
Dress: *COCO* – Halter Corset Dress (mesh, can only be worn with COCO Doll Body)
Shoes: *COCO* – Jester Boots (mesh, can only be worn with COCO Doll Body)
Pose: [ImpEle] – Lolita 03

Table: [Fetch] – Abandoned Wheel Table (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Sign: [Fetch] – Abandoned Sign (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Chair: [Fetch] – Abandoned Coaster Chair (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*
Ladder: [Fetch] – Abandoned Track (mesh) *Cirque De Seraphim*


dotty make up, harlequinn make up (9 colours), tattoo’d make up


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