Un Deux Trois


I’m not entirely sure where I was going with this post today.  It started off a ‘ listening to the neighbours going at it’ post  and ended up nothing like that at all.

Un Deux Trois 1

I just had to use this new hair from MINA in a post, that was a certainty.  I love love love it. I’m not normally a vintage-y hair kinda girl, but this I love.  You can find it at the Leaf on the Wind fundraiser event.

Un Deux Trois 2

Oh I probably should make a point somewhere in here about how fantastically awesome the owner of Fetch is.  She had shared a WIP shot, on plurk a few days ago, of a vintage phone she was making and I wanted to grab it to put on my bedside table for this post.  But when I asked her which event it was at, she crushed my dreams by telling me it wasn’t made yet and that it would be available at the upcoming round of TLC.  I pouted, of course, but she made me a quick texture and passed me a copy of the phone to use.  HOW AWESOME!  I do know there will be a black version available of the end product though so you will be able to grab your own.

Un Deux Trois 3

Lastly the poses are not part of the bed.  The Cabin Fever bed does come with its own poses but I wanted to use a new set I just acquired from Lalochezia.  These poses were the beginning of my post actually.  The leaning like your up against a wall listening to the neighbours pose – it was what drove me to whip out the bed and set up the scene.  First time a pose has been my inspiration for a blog post, but hey first time for everything.

Un Deux Trois 4

Skin:  alanoctis – Un | Deux | Trois
Hair w/ hat:  MINA Hair – Monique (mesh)  *Leaf On The Wind*
Eyes:  Dead Apples – Sinistre – Blackshot Blue
Eyelashes:  Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Thick Full  (mesh)
Earrings:  The Plastik – FashVoodoo – Swindler Leather  (mesh)
Hands:  SLink – Mesh Rigged Hands
Manicure:  Zanzibar creationZ – Midnight Kisses Mani/Pedi *My SLink Obsession*
Top:  Pixicat – Key Top  (mesh)
Under Shirt:  G*Field – Lace Tops “Lucy”
Gloves:  L’Emporio – Lace Gloves
Skirt:  coldLogic – Childs Skirt  (mesh)
Stockings:  G*Field – Rose Lace Leggings
Shoes:  fri.day – River Boots  (mesh)
Poses: Lalochezia – Blank Space Pose Set

Bed:  [Fetch] – Cabin Fever Bed (mesh)  *We ❤ RP*
Side Table:  [Fetch] – Cabin Fever Table (mesh)  *We ❤ RP*
Wall Lamps:  [Fetch] – Cabin Fever Wall Lamp (mesh)  *We ❤ RP*
Phone:  [Fetch] – Rors Phone (mesh)  *Yeps I’m special*
Hanging Frames:  Second Spaces – Monster’s Study – family cameos (mesh)
Stool:  [Fetch] – Sylvia Vanity Stool (mesh)
Vanity:  [Fetch] – Sylvia Vanity Table (mesh)
Curtain:  [Fetch] – Sylvia Curtain (mesh)


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