Underworld Headspace

The new round of Genre just opened and this months theme is Underworld.  It seems that the headspace a few of the designers were in was all about headwear and horns.  It was so hard to choose which one I wanted to blog about because I love them all so I decided to just do a big post and include them all. The first one from BlackPearls took a bit of fiddling to find a hair to suit.  It really needs a strait hair with not much ‘floof’ but the good part is it’s fully mod so you can just stretch and move to suit.

Underworld Headspace Pic 1

The Demon Masks from Chimeric Arts & Fashions comes in two colours.  The also come with matching wings but I left them out from the pics for this post.  I really like the detail on the mask texture.

Underworld Headspace Pic 2

I love the name of Spyralles genre item – Head*Lights.  There are four choices of colour/gemstone, named after the elements earth, air, fire and water. Perfect for any centre part hair.

Underworld Headspace Pic 3

Last, but certainly not least is the Malcontent Helm from Lost Junction.  Now I only show a few of the colour choices in my photos but you can choose from 13 colours each on the base, the horn mounts and the horns themselves.  So many colour combinations to mix and match and suit what you are wearing.

Underworld Headspace Pic 4

::All Photos::
Skin: [Gauze] – Monochrome Demon – Chronicle – Drow – Coal *Genre*
Eyes: DAMNED – Silenced Eyes
Eyelashes: *GAELINE CREATIONS* – Mesh Mashes Magnificia
Pose: fri.day – Profile Pose 2

::Pic 1::
Make Up: [Gauze] – Monochrome Demon – White Base + Dark Eyes *Genre*
Hair: !Oleander – Larkin (mesh) *Hair Fair*
Headpiece: [BlackPearls] – Isoderia Headjewel (mesh) *Genre*
Collar: [ht:apparel] – Cerberus Collar (mesh) *Genre*

::Pic 2::
Hair: .Olive. – the Steamer Hair (mesh) *Hair Fair*
Mask/Horns: ~Chimeric Arts & Fashions~ – Demon Dream Mask (mesh) *Genre*
Clothes: +Blue Blood+ – Mistica (mesh) *Genre*

::Pic 3::
Make Up: [Gauze] – Monochrome Demon – Glossy Lips *Genre*
Hair: ::Exile:: – Siren’s Call (mesh) *Hair Fair*
Headpiece: Spyralle – Head*Lights (mesh) *Genre*

::Pic 4::
Make Up: [Gauze] – Monochrome Demon – Full Face + Dark Lips *Genre*
Headpiece: Lost Junction – Malcontent Helm (mesh) *Genre*
Clothes: +Blue Blood+ – Rain (mesh) *Genre*


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