eBODY Review (no Photoshop) – Free Mesh Bodies


First things first, let me say that while these bodies are listed and advertised in the store as a ‘freebies’ they do in fact cost you L$1 ea to purchase the bodies; making them dollarbies.  Secondly this is a completely photoshop free blog.  The only editing done is cropping and adding my ‘Arora’ stamp, this way you can see the body exactly as it appears in Second Life, with both high graphics and shadows and also without.

Body Review Classic 1

There are two free eBODY bodies that you can pick up from the store; classic and curvy. The best way I can describe these is to compare them to SLink – physique and hourglass.  I’m going to start with the ‘classic’ body first.  As you can see above it is a pretty decent looking body.  I was able to manipulate my shape and get it very lean and square for an androgynous look but also on the opposite end of the spectrum I got great curves quite easily.

Body Review Classic 2

Now as you can see, above, there is a definitive line around my neck.  The ads in store state that these bodies are already installed with Omega abilities so you should be able to wear your skin appliers if they have omega options.  I assume that because this is the free version that it does not have this Omega ability.  There is nothing of note in the notecard included to say either way so it’s just a guess at this stage.  I attempted to apply omega skin appliers that I owned but no luck so I went with the 1st skin tone option included with the body on the HUD.  It’s an almost match.  I think if I wore a collar most people would be none the wiser.

Body Review Classic 3

The only negative part of this body is there are some seam issues with the mesh, it shows up no matter what skin tone I try (as shown).  It appears that possibly edges/vertices are not joined in the original mesh before uploading it and it’s giving a straight edge look to parts of the mesh on the chest area.  I tried all 11 skin tones and it is visible on all, some more than others.  There is a definitive line across the right breast, across the chest just under the clavicle and around the neck just below the seam where it joins my mesh head.  Considering this is a free mesh body there really isn’t much to complain about.  But if you want to be able to wear it without completely covering up, you will have to deal with the edging issues. *Note this does not show up in either of my first two images.  The first two images are taken with ultra graphics and shadows enabled.  The photo showing the lines on the chest were taken with medium graphics and no shadows enabled.

Body Review HUD

The HUD included with both bodies is exactly the same.  There are 6 tabs/pages in total but the first just contains links to social media sites.  As you can see, being free bodies you do not have access to all of the features.  All in all though for a free body you have a nice choice of skins to being with, you have the ability to have flat, mid or high feet and you have some alpha abilities.  Being a pretty standard shaped body you shouldn’t have too many issues getting it to fit into mesh clothing.

Body Review Curvy 1

Now the ‘curvy’ body has to be my favourite of the two.  Luckily for me there were no issues that I could spot.  No mesh errors or anything that would stop me from wearing it.  I think the only issue would be finding mesh clothing to fit it properly as it is not widely accepted among mesh clothing designers just yet.  What I liked most was the roundness of the curves and the full plump look to the breasts.  They fall nicely and don’t look ‘fake perky’ or have nipples standing up at a 45 degree angle making them unrealistic.  Also note the arms, there is a nice curvy dimple between the shoulder and the top of the arm muscles.  I wasn’t sure of it at first but after standing around in the body for a while it has grown on me.

Body Review Curvy 2

I’d like to end with a little note on the shape I am wearing.  I modified my own body shape to begin with and started my photos with the classic body.  Once I had finished those I just took one body off and put the other on.  I was pleasantly surprised with the look of the curvy body without altering my shape.  ONE shape was used for both bodies and I have two vastly different looks.  I am going to put my body specs below the credits for anyone who like to copy them and use them as a beginning/base shape for their eBODY mesh bodies (it will not include head numbers, just the body).


Head: CATWA – Catya
Hair: Spellbound – Sunday
Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – Limited 01
Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Eve Eyes *anyBODY, Jan 2018*
Skin (head applier): Pink Fuel – Crystal – Doll V2
Eyeshadow: Veechi – Iridescence [Dark] – Neon Dreams Gacha *Epiphany, Jan 2018*
Lipstick: Veechi – Doll Gloss [Vivid] RARE – Neon Dreams Gacha *Epiphany, Jan 2018*
Ears: Erosin – Serrated Ear Series – Healed
Lingerie: ABAR – eBODY CLASSIC Bra & Panties (Comes with body purchase)
Nipple Covers: Astralia – Wisdom Angel Nipples
Pose: !bang – mini series – overcome #4

Head: CATWA – Catya
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Sheryl
Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – Limited 01
Eyes: Zombie Suicide – Eve Eyes *anyBODY, Jan 2018*
Skin (head applier): Pink Fuel – Crystal – Doll V2
Eyeshadow: Veechi – Sparkle Pop [Aqua] – Neon Dreams Gacha *Epiphany, Jan 2018*
Lipstick: Veechi – Doll Gloss [Natural] – Neon Dreams Gacha *Epiphany, Jan 2018*
Lingerie: ABAR – eBODY CURVY Bra & Thong (Comes with body purchase)
Nipple Covers: Fawny – Verinne Corset Nipple Tassel RARE
Pose: aDORKable Poses – Pencil II #2m

Shape Details:

Height 50
Thickness 88
Fat 18

Muscles 47
Neck Thickness 47
Neck Length 42
Shoulders 9
Breast Size 67
Breast Buoyancy 47
Breast Cleavage 23
Arm Length 100
Hand Size 20
Torso Length 61
Love Handles 14
Belly Size 0

Muscles 54
Length 54
Hip Width 47
Hip Length 53
Butt Size 51
Saddle Bags 72
Knee Angle 50
Foot Size 0


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