Arora tries to cover all aspects of female fashions in SL.  Ranging from the freebies/cheapies through to the glamourous / high fashion items.  You’ll find feeds that Rags to Riches is syndicated on in the side column.  From time to time Arora will also be covering certain events / faires / hunts and also be listed as a blogger for certain stores.  You’ll also find these listed in the side column.

If you would like Arora to blog items for your event or store feel free to drop it on her or contact her in world – Arora Zanzibar.  A little info about Arora is below to help you determine if your items are suitable.

::Not a fan of the colour pink.

::Favourite colour is blue, but tends to wear black….a lot.

::Loves the odd and quirky styles and tends to not dress too girly if she can help it.

::Loves dark, macabre, goth, alternative styles

::Mesh heads owned – CATWA, Altamura, LeLutka and Logo

::Mesh bodies – Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya and Lena Perky

::Other mesh body parts – V-Tech Boi Chest mod for Maitreya, Slink AvEnhance feet and hands and Vista hands

::Loves horns, wings, tails and attachments in general but not a huge fan of full furry avatars (for wearing herself,  nothing against them in general just not her style).

::Has the ULTILIZATOR M3 Mesh Anime Head and matching Body.

::Always willing to do kinky, sexy and general NSFW posts *grins*


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